• Sudoku game Written Using React.js

    Sudoku game A sudoku app wrote in React and Redux recently live demo http://danialk.github.io/blog/2016/01/15/sudoku-written-using-es6-react-redux/ GitHub

    2020-05-19 08:44:43 view : 49
  • iOS Calculator app in React.js

    React Calculator iOS Calculator app in React. Display text scales to fit. Uses a 'point event' to avoid 300ms click penalty on mobile. codepen demo See the Pen React Calculator by Michael Jackson (@mjijackson) on CodePen.

    2020-02-16 08:03:15 view : 20
  • Simple bar chart Written Using React.js

    React bar chart Just a simple bar chart react component, mostly customizable via css. This is WIP and probably full of bugs codepen demo See the Pen React bar chart by Mehdi Hamoudi (@maydie) on CodePen.

    2020-04-25 14:28:57 view : 20
  • A React Native button component customizable via style props

    apsl-react-native-button Renders a TouchableOpacity under iOS and a TouchableNativeFeedback under Android. GitHub

    2020-05-27 21:31:45 view : 50
  • React.js Calendar Component

    react-calendar React calendar component inspired by CLNDR.js. live demo http://hanse.github.io/react-calendar/ GitHub

    2020-05-10 01:27:30 view : 20
  • Beautifully crafted off canvas menu components for react native applications

    react-native-off-canvas-menu Beautifully crafted off canvas menu components for react native applications. Created with React Native Animated library. The component is compatible with Android only. There is an example app with this repository in the examp

    2020-05-17 11:09:41 view : 30
  • React.js Inbox mockup Playground

    React.js inbox Playground Made with React 0.14.3 and powered by ES6. Inbox mockup built to learn React. by Maxime Preaux codepen demo See the Pen React Playground by Maxime Preaux (@deammer) on CodePen.

    2020-05-20 18:30:08 view : 24
  • React Tabs (w/ composition)

    React Tabs (w/ composition) BY Anthony Dugois This is the way I prefer to set tabs using React. The most tabs systems I found on the web do not let you to compose properly each part of them (e.g. put a button in a tab), or are too complicated.

    2020-04-01 05:05:06 view : 10
  • React.js Article Cards

    React.js Article Cards BY Andy Tran codepen demo See the Pen React 0.2.0 - Article Cards by Andy Tran (@andytran) on CodePen.

    2020-04-27 06:49:27 view : 17
  • Drag & Drop Grid Layout in React

    Drag & Drop Grid Layout in React This is a proof of concept based on Cheng Lou's totally amazing React Motion library:https://github.com/chenglou/react-motion Really just a proof of concept to see if I could get it working across multiple columns (i.e

    2019-11-27 11:11:16 view : 21
  • Load External Data in React

    Load External Data in React BY Chris Coyier Fetch data in componentDidMount. When the response arrives, store the data in state, triggering a render to update your UI. https://facebook.github.io/react/tips/initial-ajax.html demo See the Pen Load External

    2020-01-26 01:29:37 view : 14
  • React Multi-Step Form

    React Multi-Step Form If you are new to Gulp, Browserify, or build tools in general be sure to check out the blog post for more context and the Wiki for some additional background knowledge. BY Tommy Marshall codepen demo See the Pen yyMOzj by Tommy Marsh

    2020-01-22 10:07:02 view : 14
  • React + Redux Todo app

    React + Redux Todo BY Josh React and ES6 courses and Dan Abramov Redux course over on https://egghead.io/, so I figuired what the world needed was another todo app... codepen demo See the Pen React + Redux Todo by Josh (@iamjoshellis) on CodePen.

    2019-12-04 20:45:46 view : 11
  • circular slider made with React and SVG

    React Circular Slider A simple circular slider made with React and SVG. Use it in your projects! codepen demo See the Pen React Circular Slider by Anthony Dugois (@anthonydugois) on CodePen.

    2020-05-21 04:24:03 view : 26
  • React Motion Flex

    React Motion Flex Just wanted to show the power of React Motion :) codepen demo See the Pen React Motion Flex by Travis Arnold (@souporserious) on CodePen.

    2019-12-01 16:07:02 view : 10
  • Building SVG Icons with React

    Building SVG Icons with React BY Brent Jackson How to Create Mathematically-Generated Graphics Using JavaScript and React Tutorial http://jxnblk.com/react-icons/ codepen demo See the Pen Building SVG Icons with React by Brent Jackson (@jxnblk) on CodePen.

    2020-05-20 20:50:18 view : 21
  • Sign Up with React.JS

    Sign Up with React.JS BY Jack Oliver Day 1 of the ReactJS DailyUI project. I'm going to be making 100 different React pens over the next 100 days, in order to get better. codepen demo See the Pen React DailyUI - 001 - Sign Up by Jack Oliver (@jackoliver)

    2020-01-07 14:59:49 view : 13
  • React-Motion: click to front

    React-Motion: click to front BY John Oksasoglu A proof-of-concept of a React-based interface idea I had. Click on any square to make it spring to the top left-most position in the grid and force all other squares to adjust appropriately. Most of the real

    2020-02-19 17:02:48 view : 19
  • Pipeline Funnel (React & SVG Based)

    Pipeline Funnel (React & SVG Based) BY Shalabh Vyas A Pipeline visualization inspired by https://dribbble.com/shots/1815831-Funnel. Built using React and SVG. Non-responsive as of now. Please refer to the docs on the component's constructor for the si

    2020-05-18 05:44:57 view : 20
  • Markdown Previewer Built with React

    React Markdown Previewer Markdown Previewer A FreeCodeCamp project Built with React By Leonardo Prates codepen demo See the Pen React Markdown Previewer by Leonardo Prates (@odran037) on CodePen.

    2019-11-19 04:03:05 view : 12
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