A vue component to display a image wall

A vue component to display a image wall

A vue component to display a image wall.

vue image wall

An interactive vue component that displays multiple images in a row.

By hovering mouse over one of the images, that image will expand in width.



Make sure you have following tools installed on your system:

Getting Started

First, clone/download this repo

git clone https://github.com/asvrada/vue-imagewall.git

Under this repo, install dependency for this project

yarn install

After this point, you can check the package.json to see available actions under scripts section.

# To run in the browser:
yarn run serve

# To build production build
yarn run build

# etc...

To use as a vue component

At this point, this repo is not ready to be used as normal/standard vue component because its still under early development.

To use this in your project, I'd recommend build and publish this repo to a separate domain then include it using HTML tag <frame> from wherever you want to use it.


  1. vue component
  2. Support for images of all size
  3. Add two interaction modes
    1. macOS dock



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