Simple voting Dapp using Vue CLI

Simple voting Dapp using Vue CLI

Simple voting Dapp; using Vue CLI, Truffle and Web3.

Vue Voting dApp

This project was generated with vue-cli version 3.2.1

An Vue truffle voting mechanism dApp.

Sample contract is deployed on the Kovan testnetwork


Project setup

MetaMask and Infura account are both required for this project to work!


I would like to refer to this article for a simple tutorial on how to setup MetaMask and get some free test Ether on your Kovan account! After that you have your ETH address you need for the .env file


Infura is a hosted Ethereum node cluster that lets you run your application without requiring them to set up their own Ethereum node or wallet. Register an account here and require your API key you need for the .env file!

Get ganache-cli and truffle running on your environment

npm install -g truffle ganache-cli

Start ganache-cli


After running this command you should be able to find your MNEMONIC you need for the .env file

Install dependencies

git clone
npm install

Update the .env file

VUE_APP_ETHADDRESS= "your ETH address"
MNEMONIC= "your ganache MNEMONIC"
INFURA_API_KEY= "your infura key"

Run the development server

npm run serve

Compile your own smart contracts

Add your smart contract to the /contracts folder

Compile the contract

truffle compile

Migrate your contract to the ropsten network

truffle migrate --network ropsten

Change the current address to your deployed contract address

    let myContract = new web3.eth.Contract(
      "Your deployed contract address"

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