A Simple Game Votes with vue.js

A Simple Game Votes with vue.js

Simple Vue app to put an end to debating about which game we're going to play. (Personal project.)

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Game Votes

My girlfriend's kids always fight over which video game we're going to play. I created a simple app to resolve these disputes.


A game is chosen at random from a list of nominated games. Mario Kart 8's online multi-player track selection inspired me.

This is my first Vue.js project! I'd love some feedback.

How To

  1. Everyone starts with one vote.
    • Votes can be added by pressing the coin icon.
  2. Place your vote by tapping on the game cover.
    • A series of dots are displayed next to the game title to indicate the number of votes it has received.
    • The number of remaining votes is displayed at the top.
    • Pressing the reset icon removes the current votes and reverts the number of remaining votes to its default value.
  3. Press the checkmark icon to select one of the nominated games at random.
    • The number of votes a game receives increases the odds it will be chosen, but does not guarantee the most popular choice will be selected. (e.g. 2000 & 2016)
    • You can make a game selection without placing all of the allotted votes.
  4. Review the results.
    • The randomly selected game is displayed along with a list of nominated games and the number of votes each received.
  5. Press "Pick Again" or "Start Over" for new results.
    • Pressing "Pick Again" will remove the currently selected game from the list of candidates before making another random selection.


This is my very first Vue.js project. Tell me how I did! Did I nail it, or have I used Vue.js in an unconventional, dimwitted way?

(Since this is a personal project, I'm not overly concerned about browser compatibility, accessibility issues, SEO, etc.)

Please leave your feedback in the repository's Issues.



Feel free to use this app's logic to create your own sorta-democratic process, or reuse the CSS in your own Nintendo Switch-styled UI.



The Mushroom Kingdom


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