An Event Manager For Vue.js

An Event Manager For Vue.js

A lightweight Vue.js plugin that provides a declarative way to bind events to a global event manager.

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The plugin for Vue.js provides a declarative way to bind events to a global event manager. It uses the Vue lifecycle to automatically bind and unbind all events.


  • Supports event priorities and Promise based asynchronous events
  • Supports latest Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE9+
  • Supports Vue 2.0
  • Compact size 3KB (1,5KB gzipped)


You can install it via yarn or NPM.

$ yarn add vue-event-manager
$ npm install vue-event-manager


Available on jsdelivr or unpkg.

<script src="[email protected]"></script>


Try the example on jsfiddle.

new Vue({

  created() {

    // trigger event
    this.$trigger('someEvent', {foo: 'bar'});


  events: {

    // event handler (priority 0)
    someEvent(event, param) { ... },

    // event handler (priority 10)
    earlyEvent: {

        // handler callback
        handler(event, param) { ... },

        // a higher priority, means earlier execution
        priority: 10


    // event handler (priority -10)
    lateEvent: {

        // handler callback
        handler(event, param) { ... },

        // a lower priority, means late execution
        priority: -10




Lets see how easy you can watch global events like reactive properties! (Like in this example). Let's assume you have a logout button in any component template and want it to be handled somewhere else without these nasty $on(...) and $off(...) lines in the created and destroy hooks.

<!-- logoutButton.vue -->
<button @click="$trigger('logout:the-user')">Logout</button>
// userManager.vue
export default {

  name: 'any-other-component',

  events: {
    // the event name string binds the method name string
    'logout:the-user': 'logout'

  methods: {
    // this method will be called everytime the event occurs
    logout (event, param) {



Details changes for each release are documented in the release notes.


If you find a bug or want to contribute to the code or documentation, you can help by submitting an issue or a pull request.



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