Beautiful Button Component For Vue

Beautiful Button Component For Vue

A vue.js component to create beautiful customizable buttons on the applications.


A beautiful button component for vue.


Live Demo


npm install vue-m-button
import MButton from 'vue-m-button'
// for v1.0.0
// import 'vue-m-button/dist/css/default.css'


It will register m-button-groupm-button component.


button grounp:

  <m-button type="info">Home</m-button>
  <m-button type="info">Hot</m-button>
  <m-button type="info">Special</m-button>

Button Attributes

Attribute Description Type Accepted Values Default
size size string max, large, samll, mini
type type string infoprimarywarningdangersuccess
plain plain btton boolean false
round round button boolean false
disabled disabled boolean false
active active state boolean false
effect effect state boolean true
router vue-router route object path

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