Webcam Component For Vue.js

Webcam Component For Vue.js

A webcam component for Vue.js applications.


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Webcam component for VueJs. See this for browser compatibility.


npm install vue-web-cam --save

yarn add vue-web-cam


import Vue from 'vue'
import WebCam from 'vue-web-cam'

// or
import {WebCam} from 'vue-web-cam'
Vue.component(, WebCam)

Testing & Dev

npm run dev


prop type default notes
height number 500 height of video element
width number 500 width of video element
autoplay boolean true autoplay attribute
screenshotFormat string 'image/jpeg' format of screenshot
deviceId string null currently selected camera


name param notes
started stream emitted once the stream has started
stopped stream emitted once the stream has stopped
error error emitted if the stream failed to start with the error returned
notsupported error emitted when the browser does not support this feature
cameras cameras emitted when a list of all cameras available is loaded
camera-change deviceId emitted when camera change occurs
video-live stream emitted when video is started


name param notes
capture void Capture the current image through the webcam as base64 encoded string
changeCamera deviceId change the currently selected camera. Must pass in the device ID
start void Programatically Start the camera after stopping it (relies on deviceId prop passed to the component)
stop void Programatically stop the camera


If you'd like to help make this project better you can help with the following tasks:

  • Tests - This project needs a way to test the functionality using a javascript testing solution (Jest as an example)
  • Examples - Additional Examples of usage might be helpful to others.
  • Project Website - Perhaps launch a project website (on Github Pages) that'll showcase the plugin, Demo, Usage instructions, configuration etc..




This is based off @smronju vue-webcam and react-webcam

Github Repository

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