A mobile Vue plugin for VueDialog

A mobile Vue plugin for VueDialog

This plugin is just only adapted for mobile.


A mobile Vue plugin for Dialog

pluginName: vue2-dialog

version: 1.1.0

author: Alan Chen

github: [email protected]

date: 2018/10/15

This plugin is just only adapted for mobile.Please use the rem layout

Please go to the release to see version logs.

What you can do with the plugin

  • You can use it to make several kinds of dialog components such as Alert,Confirm,ActionSheet,Toast.And you can also use the components like CascadingPicker,Loading and Scroller



How to use

  • NPM install the vue2-dialog plugin
	yarn add vue2-dialog or npm install vue2-dialog --save

1.vue spa

  • import the plugin and use (global use)
import VueDialog from 'vue2-dialog'
import 'vue2-dialog/dist/VueDialog.css'

  • import some components that you need and use (local use)
import { Scroller, Alert, Confirm } from 'vue2-dialog'
import 'vue2-dialog/dist/VueDialog.css'

Vue.component(Scroller.name, Scroller)
Vue.component(Alert.name, Alert)
Vue.component(Confirm.name, Confirm)

2.script html

  • directly write the script,in deed you have to insert the vue.js script firstly
<link href="node_modules/vue2-dialog/dist/VueDialog.css"></link>
<script src="node_modules/vue2-dialog/dist/VueDialog.js"></script>
  • use the components directly in your vue spa file or the Vue instance ,like
<Alert />
<Confirm />
<Toast />
<Scroller />

Components Docs

Github Repository