Show a banner with text Remembers selection using cookies

Show a banner with text Remembers selection using cookies

Show a banner with text, a decline button, and an accept button on your page. Remembers selection using cookies.


Show a banner with text, a decline button, and an accept button on your page. Remembers selection using cookies. Emits an event with current selection on creation. Good for GDPR requirements or telling your users something that they can act on and then not see again.

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# npm
npm i vue-cookie-accept-decline

yarn add vue-cookie-accept-decline

Or you can include it through the browser at the bottom of your page along with the css:

<script src=""></script>

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">


We needed a component to show a privacy banners on pages - came across the awesome vue-cookie-law by apertureless and it was almost what was needed, except we needed to track the option of an opt-out/decline which seemed a bit out of scope for that project - so vue-cookie-accept-decline is the result.

The big difference here is that vue-cookie-accept-decline allows the user to decline the text on the banner - this is important because you may want to not uses cookies in your app if they have declined the oppurtunity to be tracked.

When the decline or accept buttons are clicked, they will emit the events clicked-accept and clicked-declined respectively. Also, on creation, the component will emit a status event with a value of the current setting, null for nothing set, accept for an accepted banner, and decline for a declined banner. You can listen to this event on the component and do something like disable cookies if you see they have declined the banner. The component also has an optional postpone close button that will let the users dismiss the message without selecting an option.

Each instance of the component requires the prop of elementId - this is to allow for the use of multiple instances of vue-cookie-accept-decline on the same page. To delete the cookie for a specific instance, set the ref property on your instance and call the exposed removeCookie method like this: this.$refs.myPanel1.removeCookie(). You can then call this.$refs.myPanel1.init() to show the user the panel again. See the demo page for a detailed example.

Usage Example

<!-- css import for when you want to import the component css into your css file/files  -->
@import '/path/to/node_modules/vue-cookie-accept-decline.css';

<!-- css import for when you're importing the css directly in your js  -->
import 'vue-cookie-accept-decline/dist/vue-cookie-accept-decline.css'

import VueCookieAcceptDecline from 'vue-cookie-accept-decline'
Vue.component('vue-cookie-accept-decline', VueCookieAcceptDecline)

    <!-- Optional -->
    <div slot="postponeContent">

    <!-- Optional -->
    <div slot="message">
        We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. <a href="" target="_blank">Learn More...</a>

    <!-- Optional -->
    <div slot="declineContent">
       OPT OUT

    <!-- Optional -->
    <div slot="acceptContent">
        GOT IT!


prop type required default possible values description
ref String no none Any String Unique string that gives you control over the component
elementId string yes none Any String The unique id for the instance. This string will be appened to the string 'vue-cookie-accept-decline-' to allow for multiple components.
debug boolean no false true, false If true, the cookie is never saved, only the events will be emitted
position string no bottom For floating: bottom-left, bottom-right, top-left, top-right -- For bar: bottom, top Position of the banner
type string no floating floating, bar Type of banner
disableDecline boolean no false true, false If true, the 'opt out' button is not shown
transitionName string no slideFromBottom slideFromBottom, slideFromTop, fade Banner animation type
showPostponeButton boolean no false true, false Optionally show a close button that allows the user to postpone selecting an option.


event value description
status 'accept', 'decline', 'postpone', null Event will be emitted when component is created.
clicked-accept none Event will be emitted when accept is clicked on the banner.
clicked-decline none Event will be emitted when declined is clicked on the banner.
clicked-postpone none Event will be emitted when postponed is clicked on the banner.
removed-cookie none Event will be emitted when the cookie has been removed using the removeCookie() method.


There are slots for your own custom message, declineContent, acceptContent, this is good for providing your own link or whatever HTML content you want in your message/buttons - like icons.

name default value
message We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn More...
declineContent Opt Out
acceptContent Got It!
postponeContent &times;


Note - call these methods through the ref you set up with your component. Example: this.$refs.myPanel1.removeCookie().

method parameters description
removeCookie none Used to delete the unique cookie for the instance you are acting on.
init none Evaluates the cookie status and shows the panel if proper conditions are met. Useful for re-showing the panel after someone uses the removeCookie method.

SASS Structure

.cookie {
    // Bar style
    &__bar {
        &--bottom {

        &--top {

        &__postpone-button {

        &__content {

        &__buttons {

            &__button {
                &--accept {

                &--decline {

    // Floating style
    &__floating {
        &--bottom-left {

        &--bottom-right {

        &--top-right {

        &--top-left {

        &__postpone-button {

        &__content {

        &__buttons {

            &__button {
                &--accept {

                &--decline {

Full Example

Edit Vue Template


# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload
npm run watch

# run the tests
npm run test

# build demo page
npm run build:example

# build library
npm run build:library

# build everything and run tests
npm run build

Thank You

Thank you apertureless for vue-cookie-law. Go check out vue-cookie-law and his other projects. Also, thank you insites for cookieconsent.


Go ahead and fork the project! Submit an issue if needed. Have fun!



Packaged with a mixture of vue-lib-template and vue-sfc-rollup.

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