Cool Flexible Select Component For Vue

Cool Flexible Select Component For Vue

Select with autocomplete, slots, bootstrap and material design themes.

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Demos + Documentation


  • 2 themes: Bootstrap 4, Material Design
  • autocomplete (you can use custom search)
  • control through arrows
  • slots (9)
  • events (7)
  • props (24)
  • loading indicator (helpful for REST requests)
  • validation
  • support on mobile devices
  • disabled and readonly

Write your suggestions, glad to add.


yarn add vue-cool-select or npm install --save vue-cool-select

Get started

  1. Import and select a theme:
import VueSelect from 'vue-cool-select'

Vue.use(VueSelect, {
  theme: 'bootstrap' // or 'material-design'
  1. Use inside inside another component:
import { CoolSelect } from 'vue-cool-select'

export default {
  components: { CoolSelect },
  data () {
    return {
      items: [...],
      selected: null
  1. Add to <template>:

Documentation and examples here.


  • multi-select
  • rebuild build system (rollup)
  • 100% tests coverage

I am happy to add something or improve, you can write what you want to see. I also have more motivation to work if you give a star.

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