An image viewer base on Vue.js for mobile

An image viewer base on Vue.js for mobile

An image viewer base on Vue.js for mobile.


An Mobile-First image viewer for Vue2


:ok_woman: Easy to use

:point_right: Swipe gesture

:mag: Zoom gesture

V0.11.0 Now you can use thumbnail~

V0.13.0 Gallery hide when the physical back button is pressed (android device only)

V0.15.0 Fix blurry after using scale()

:computer: v0.17.1 compatible with PC

Now you can use both Mobile and PC Browser :satisfied:

live demo

or scan the QRcode


npm i img-vuer --save


// import img-vuer and install
import gallery from 'img-vuer'
Vue.use(gallery, {
  swipeThreshold: 150, // default 100 ,new in 0.12.0
<!-- add direact to <img> -->
<img v-gallery :src="..." />

<!-- group images -->
<img v-gallery:groupName :src="..." />
<img v-gallery:groupName :src="..." />
<img v-gallery:groupName :src="..." />

<!-- OR (dynamic bind) -->
<img v-gallery="'groupName'" :src="..." />

<!-- use thumbnail, new in 0.11.0 -->
<img v-gallery :src="thumbnailSrc" data-large="originSrc" />

<!-- trigger close gallery, new in 0.14.0 -->
<button @click="$imgVuer.close()">close</button>


api arg description
close() / close the viwer
onIndexChange() cb $imgVuer.onIndexChange((newVal, oldVal)=>{...})
onToggle() cb on close or on open $imgVuer.onToggle((newVal, oldVal)=>{...})
changeBGColor() color change the background color of viwer $imgVuer.changeBGColor('#fff')
next() / switch to next image $
prev() / switch to previous image $imgVuer.prev()
getCurrentIndex() / /


# development environment node v6.15.1

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

# build for production with minification
npm run build


Abnormal with page scale

Add meta

  content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1,user-scalable=0, maximum-scale=1"

for a large number of large images

If you group a large number of large images, img-vuer will load all image in the same group, so it will cause unnecessary mobile data traffic and slow the page down.

You can use (only)v0.17.2 in this situation and img-vuer will only load the image you watched.


Should not use index as key for the component which is added v-gallery.



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