A Text Swimlane plugin for Vue.js

A Text Swimlane plugin for Vue.js

An Text Swimlane plugin for Vue.js in alpha stage. a list of words as aan animated text Swimlane.


A Text Swimlane plugin for Vue.js to display a list of words as an animated text Swimlane.



Demo and Playground

How to use

Install using npm

npm install vue-swimlane --save

Plug in your main.js or where required

import Vue from 'vue'
import VueSwimlane from 'vue-swimlane'


use CDN

<script src="https://unpkg.com/vue-swimlane/dist/vue-swimlane.min.js"></script>


<vue-swimlane :words="['Some', 'Keywords', 'Array', 'And Thats it!']"></vue-swimlane>


Following options can be passed as props.

  • words - string[] - required: Array of tags or words to be used on display.
  • circular - bool (Default: false): If true, list starts from the top after completion.
  • pauseOnHover - bool (Default: false): If true, animation will pause on mouse hover.
  • rows - int (Default: 1): Number of rows always visible at a time.
  • scale - float (Default: 1): Font size scaling relative to 16px.
  • transitionDuration - float in ms (Default: 500): Animation duration for rows.
  • transitionDelay - float in ms (Default: 250): Delays between each animation duration.
  • transition - string (Default: ease-out): css transition name.

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