Integrate Google Maps in your Vue application

Integrate Google Maps in your Vue application

This library is Work In Progress. More components will be available in the 1.0 release.


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Integrate Google Maps in your Vue application in a "Vue-way".

This library is Work In Progress. More components will be available in the 1.0 release.

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The main objective of the library is to use Google Maps using Vue components in a way that feels natural to Vue developpers (with props, events, slots...).

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npm i -S vue-googlemaps
yarn add vue-googlemaps

You need to polyfill some ES2015 features in old browsers.


You need a Google API key from the developer console.

import 'vue-googlemaps/dist/vue-googlemaps.css'
import VueGoogleMaps from 'vue-googlemaps'

Vue.use(VueGoogleMaps, {
  load: {
    // Google API key
    apiKey: 'your-google-api-key',
    // Enable more Google Maps libraries here
    libraries: ['places'],
    // Use new renderer
    useBetaRenderer: false,

Builtin components

(Documentation is work-in-progress)

  • Circle
  • Geocoder
  • Map
  • Marker
  • NearbyPlaces
  • PlaceDetails
  • UserPosition
  • More to come!

Create you own components

Here is an example of what a Marker component would look like:

import { MapElement } from 'vue-googlemaps'

// Those Vue props will update automatically
// (Two-way binding with .sync modifier)
const boundProps = [
  // ...

// Events from Google Maps emitted as Vue events
const redirectedEvents = [
  // ...

export default {
  mixins: [
    // You need to use this mixin

  // When Google Maps is ready
  googleMapsReady () {
    const options = Object.assign({}, this.$props) = this.$_map

    // Create Google Maps objects
    this.$_marker = new
    // Bind the Vue props
    this.bindProps(this.$_marker, boundProps)
    // Emit the events from Google Maps
    this.redirectEvents(this.$_marker, redirectedEvents)

  beforeDestroy () {
    // Teardown
    if (this.$_marker) {

Quick Examples

Map with markers


  <!-- User Position -->

    v-for="marker of markers"
      color: marker === currentmarker ? 'white' : 'black',
      fontFamily: 'Material Icons',
      fontSize: '20px',
      text: 'star_rate',

Place Details

    placeId: placeId
  @results="results => ..."
  <template slot-scope="props">
    <div class="name">{{ }}</div>
    <div class="address">{{ props.results.formatted_address }}</div>


    location: latLng,
  @results="results => ..."
  <template slot-scope="props">
    <div class="name">{{ props.results[1].name }}</div>
    <div class="address">{{ props.results[0].formatted_address }}</div>

Nearby places

  @idle="map => mapBounds = map.getBounds()"

    bounds: mapBounds
  :filter="result => !result.types.includes('locality')"
  @results="results => ..."
  <template slot-scope="props">
    <div v-if="props.loading">Loading...</div>

    <div v-for="result of props.result">
          :src="[0].getUrl({ maxWidth: 80, maxHeight: 80 })"
        {{ }}
      <div>{{ result.vicinity }}</div>

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