Dead easy icons for Vue with drop-in browser support & selective bundling

Dead easy icons for Vue with drop-in browser support & selective bundling

Dead easy, Google Material Icons for Vue.


Dead easy, Google Material Icons for Vue.

This package's aim is to get icons into your Vue.js project as quick as possible, at the cost of all the bells and whistles.

Dead simple Icons

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
  <li><ico name="comment"></ico></li> <!-- outputs the comment icon -->
  <li><ico name="playlist-add" size="18"></ico></li> <!-- control the size -->
  <li><ico name="account-circle" size="24" color="#f00"></ico></li> <!-- red icon -->

Specify the icon name as kebab or camel case (library:

That's it!



  • Simply outputs the svg
  • Bundles only the icons you need

First off install the vue-ico package npm install vue-ico --save-dev

Configure webpack to support "tree-shaking" to remove dead code (and unused icons)

When using babel as your JS loader, make sure we're not compiling to commonjs modules by passing { modules: false } as an option.

presets: [ ['es2015', { modules: false }] ]

Also, you'll need to allow vue-ico module to be parsed by your webpack JS loader to shake off unused icons. Commonly the whole node_modules folder is excluded from parsing so changing this line:

exclude: /node_modules/

to this, will continue to exclude all node modules except for vue-ico:

exclude: /node_modules\/(?!(vue-ico)\/).*/

Example of webpack.config.js with this "tree shaking" setup:

Now when building webpack with the production flag (webpack -p) only the used vue-ico icons will be included in your final JS bundle. This also has the added benefits of allowing you to use ES6 modules (and tree-shaking) across your project

Bundling Usage

Import the icon name, prefixed with ico, in camelCase (library:

import VueIco, {icoClose, icoKeyboardArrowDown} from 'vue-ico'

Vue.use(VueIco, {
  "close": icoClose,
  "down": icoKeyboardArrowDown
  <li><ico name="close"></ico></li>
  <li><ico name="down" size="18" color="#f00"></ico></li> <!-- red icon -->

Need anything more?

We're aiming for simplicity with this package, that means, ready-to-go browser support and simplistic bundling. If you need more control and willing to get your hands dirty around your bundler, take a look at this comprehensive library:

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