Vue 2 Semantic-UI modal component without jQuery dependency

Vue 2 Semantic-UI modal component without jQuery dependency

Modal component for semantic-ui without jQuery.


Modal component for semantic-ui without jQuery

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<modal v-model="showModal">

    <p slot="header">Confirmation needed</p>

    <p slot="content">Do you want to continue?</p>

    <template slot="actions">
        <div class="ui black deny button" @click="showModal=false">
        <div class="ui positive right button" @click="confirm">

import modal from 'vue-semantic-modal'

export default {
  components: {
  data() {
    return {
        showModal: true,
        confirmed: true
  methods () {
    confirm () {
        this.confirmed = true
        this.showModal = false

Include in the root component semantic-ui CSS:

@import '~dist/semantic.css';


  • header

  • content

  • actions


Name Required Type/Value Default Description
opened no Boolean false triggers the opening/closing. Can be bind with v-model
hasImage no Boolean false Should be true if the content contains image as per semantic-ui specification
animationDuration no Number 500 Opening and closing animation duration in ms
showCloseIcon no Boolean false If true close icon of the model is displayed
modalVariation no 'fullscreen', 'basic', 'mini', 'small', 'large' or '' '' Additional modal styling see here
dimmerVariation no 'inverted' or '' '' Additional dimmer styling see here
modalTransition no String 'scale' name of the modal transition to be applied. See here


  • changed

Sent when the modal state changed with a boolean true if the modal is opened

  • displayChanged

Sent when the modal visual state changed with a string representing the modal visual state:

'closed', 'opening', 'opened', 'closing'

  • clickAwayModal

Sent when modal is opened and user click outside.


  • Available through:
 npm install vue-semantic-modal

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