Drag and drop so simple it hurts

Drag and drop so simple it hurts

vue-dragula Drag and drop so simple it hurts Vue wrapper for dragula. Live Demo http://astray-git.github.io/vue-dragula/ GitHub


:ok_hand: Drag and drop so simple it hurts

Vue wrapper for dragula.



  • Available through npm as vue-dragula.

    npm install vue-dragula
    var Vue = require('vue');
    var VueDragula = require('vue-dragula');

Direct include

  • You can also directly include it with a <script> tag when you have Vue and dragula already included globally. It will automatically install itself.



<div class="wrapper">
  <div class="container" v-dragula="colOne" bag="first-bag">
    <!-- with click -->
    <div v-for="text in colOne" @click="onClick">{{text}} [click me]</div>
  <div class="container" v-dragula="colTwo" bag="first-bag">
    <div v-for="text in colTwo">{{text}}</div>

NOTE Vuejs 2.x

To make sure a correct update for DOM element order, we must provide a key for v-for directive inside a dragula container. https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/list.html#key
With v-for="item in list", we need :key="item.id" for object items, :key="item" for plain string.


You can access them from Vue.vueDragula

options(name, options)

Set dragula options, refer to: https://github.com/bevacqua/dragula#optionscontainers

new Vue({
  created: function () {
    Vue.vueDragula.options('my-bag', {
      direction: 'vertical'


Returns the bag for a drake instance. Contains the following properties:

  • name the name that identifies the bag
  • drake the raw drake instance


For drake events, refer to: https://github.com/bevacqua/dragula#drakeon-events

new Vue({
  ready: function () {
    Vue.vueDragula.eventBus.$on('drop', function (args) {
      console.log('drop: ' + args[0])

Special Events for vue-dragula

Event Name Listener Arguments Event Description
dropModel bagName, el, target, source, dropIndex model was synced, dropIndex exposed
removeModel bagName, el, container, removeIndex model was synced, removeIndex exposed

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