A vue based drag and drop kanban board

A vue based drag and drop kanban board

vue-kanban A drag and drop kanban board component. This kanban drag and drop layout is inspired by Invision, Trello, Google Keep. Live Demo https://brockreece.github.io/vue-kanban/ GitHub

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A drag and drop kanban board component



Add vue-kanban to your project with npm

npm install vue-kanban 

... or yarn

yarn add vue-kanban

Basic Usage

Install the plugin

import vueKanban from 'vue-kanban'


and then use the component in your project.

<kanban-board :stages="stages" :blocks="blocks"></kanban-board>


  • stages: an array of stages for the kanban board
  • blocks: an array of objects that will make up the blocks on the kanban board
  stages: ['on-hold', 'in-progress', 'needs-review', 'approved'],
  blocks: [
      id: 1,
      status: 'on-hold',
      title: 'Test',

Receiving Changes

The component will emit an event when a block is moved

<kanban-board :stages="stages" :blocks="blocks" @update-block="updateBlock"></kanban-board>
  methods: {
    updateBlock(id, status) {
      this.blocks.find(b => b.id === Number(id)).status = status;

Add some style

I have included a scss stylesheet in this repo as a starting point that can be used in your project

<style lang="scss">
  @import './assets/kanban.scss';

Customize the kanban blocks

Each block has a named slot which can be extended from the parent, like so...

<kanban-board :stages="stages" :blocks="blocks" @update-block="updateBlock">
  <div v-for="stage in stages" :slot="stage">
    <h2>{{ stage }}</h2>
  <div v-for="block in blocks" :slot="block.id">
      <strong>id:</strong> {{ block.id }}
      {{ block.title }}

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