React component to build interactive and configurable graphs with d3

React component to build interactive and configurable graphs with d3

Interactive and configurable graphs with react and d3 effortlessly.

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Interactive and configurable graphs with react and d3 effortlessly

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Here a live playground page where you can interactively config your own graph, and generate a ready to use configuration! :sunglasses:

Documentation :book:

Full documentation here.


npm install react-d3-graph // using npm
yarn add react-d3-graph // using yarn

Usage sample

Graph component is the main component for react-d3-graph components, its interface allows its user to build the graph once the user provides the data, configuration (optional) and callback interactions (also optional). The code for the live example can be consulted here.

import { Graph } from 'react-d3-graph';

// graph payload (with minimalist structure)
const data = {
    nodes: [{ id: 'Harry' }, { id: 'Sally' }, { id: 'Alice' }],
    links: [{ source: 'Harry', target: 'Sally' }, { source: 'Harry', target: 'Alice' }]

// the graph configuration, you only need to pass down properties
// that you want to override, otherwise default ones will be used
const myConfig = {
    nodeHighlightBehavior: true,
    node: {
        color: 'lightgreen',
        size: 120,
        highlightStrokeColor: 'blue'
    link: {
        highlightColor: 'lightblue'

// graph event callbacks
const onClickNode = function(nodeId) {
    window.alert('Clicked node ${nodeId}');

const onMouseOverNode = function(nodeId) {
    window.alert(`Mouse over node ${nodeId}`);

const onMouseOutNode = function(nodeId) {
    window.alert(`Mouse out node ${nodeId}`);

const onClickLink = function(source, target) {
    window.alert(`Clicked link between ${source} and ${target}`);

const onMouseOverLink = function(source, target) {
    window.alert(`Mouse over in link between ${source} and ${target}`);

const onMouseOutLink = function(source, target) {
    window.alert(`Mouse out link between ${source} and ${target}`);

    id="graph-id" // id is mandatory, if no id is defined rd3g will throw an error

Roadmap :railway_track:

Want to know what's ahead for react-d3-graph? Or simply curious on what comes next and stuff that is under development? Check this trello board where everything related to react-d3-graph is managed.


Contributions are welcome fell free to submit new ideas/features, just open an issue or send me an email or something. If you are more a hands on person, just submit a pull request.

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