CSS Variables Parallax Directive For Vue.js

CSS Variables Parallax Directive For Vue.js

The Vue CSS Variables Parallax library allows you to create powerful parallax effects by using CSS Variables when the element gets to the viewport.

Vue CSS Variables Parallax

Allow to create powerfull parallax effects by using CSS Variables when the element gets to the viewport, a --scroll-amount css variable will be attached to it and will be updated by the scrolled amount.


Install using NPM/Yarn.

npm install --save vue-custom-properties-parallax

# Using Yarn
yarn add vue-custom-properties-parallax

Import this into your scripts.

import CustomPropertiesParallax from 'vue-custom-properties-parallax'

// Using CommonJS
const CustomPropertiesParallax = require('vue-custom-properties-parallax')


It also exports directive to use locally or in a mixin.

  import { directive as customPropertiesParallaxDirective } from 'vue-custom-properties-parallax'

  export default {
    directives: {
      'custom-properties-parallax': customPropertiesParallaxDirective


In the CSS we have a --multiplier variable, which will manager the speed and direction.

  <div v-custom-properties-parallax class="parallax">
    <img src="/parallax-image.png" />

  .parallax {

     * All logic is handled by CSS.
    img {
      --multiplier: 0.1;
      --opacity: calc(1 - calc(var(--scroll-amount) * 0.002));
      --translate: calc(var(--scroll-amount) * var(--multiplier) * 1px);
      opacity: var(--opacity);
      transform: translateY(var(--translate));

Custom Settings

Start the parallax only when the elements get to the center of the screen by passing center as a modifier

<my-element v-custom-properties-parallax.center />

You can disable --scroll-amount on mobile by passing mobileOff as an argument if you don't want to perform the effect on small devices

<my-element v-custom-properties-parallax:mobileOff.center />


example: https://codepen.io/nobrefelipe/pen/aqYyOy

inspired by: https://daverupert.com/2018/02/cheapass-parallax/

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