A react implementation of stickyroll

A react implementation of stickyroll

Stickyroll is the successor of react-over-scroll.

A sticky view with scroll listener API for parallax style views.


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This is the contributor documentation for the react-stickyroll mono-repository. For user docs see Getting started

Core Packages

version description
stickyroll The core component and listener
stickyroll decorators Decorators for plugins and smart components
stickyroll utils Utilities to build plugins

Styled Components

version description
stickyroll inner A themed inner frame (made for pagers)
stickyroll pagers Themed pagers (made for inner)
stickyroll themes A collection of themes to select and combine

Contribute to Stickyroll

Please read our contributing guide

git clone https://github.com/stickyroll/react-stickyroll.git
cd react-stickyroll
yarn dev

# Test your changes
yarn test
# scoped tests
yarn lerna run test --scope @stickyroll/<package_name>

Develop guides (via patternplate)

yarn patternplate:dev


Copyright by Gregor Adams. All @stickyroll packages are released under the MIT license.

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