Material Design Checkbox Component For Vue

Material Design Checkbox Component For Vue

A lightweight Vue.js component designed to create Material Design inspired animated checkboxes on the app.

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NPM version

Material design checkbox component for Vue

Demo ✅

Here is demo with all features

Use ❓

With npm

  • Install plugin
npm install vue-material-checkbox --save
  • Import to the app and add to the Vue
import Checkbox from 'vue-material-checkbox'

Alternatively if component used with server-side-rendering
Then import as follows below:

import Checkbox from '../node_modules/vue-material-checkbox/src/main'
// assuming  that you're one level higher than root folder where node modules is.

In this case you will have to install stylus and stylus-loader to parse styles of component.

  • Use it as component:
<checkbox id="mycheck1" v-model="someVar">My Checkbox</checkbox>


Github Repository

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