Clock Time Picker For Vue.js 2

Clock Time Picker For Vue.js 2

Yet another clock-style time picker component for picking a time in 'HH:MM' using text input.

Vue2 Clock Picker

A simple clock picker component for vue v2.x.

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$ npm install @pencilpix/vue2-clock-picker --save


$ yarn add @pencilpix/vue2-clock-picker
  • In Browser:

    1. via plugin
    <link href="node_modules/@pencilpix/vue2-clock-picker/dist/vue2-clock-picker.min.css"/>
    <script src="node_modules/vuejs/dist/vue.min.js"></script>
    <!-- plugin will register the component globally in the global vue instance -->
    <script src="node_modules/@pencilpix/vue2-clock-picker/dist/vue2-clock-picker.plugin.js"></script>
    <!-- if for any reason need to install the plugin manually -->
    Vue.use(VueClockPickerPlugin) // since the plugin is globally available
    1. via per component
    <link href="node_modules/@pencilpix/vue2-clock-picker/dist/vue2-clock-picker.min.css"/>
    <script src="node_modules/vuejs/dist/vue.min.js"></script>
    <script src="node_modules/@pencilpix/vue2-clock-picker/dist/vue2-clock-picker.js"></script>
      const app = new Vue({
        // ...
        components: {
          VueClockPicker, //  bundle makes the component globally available for registering
        // ...
  • Module:

    1. per component
    import VueClockPicker from '@pencilpix/vue2-clock-picker';
    import '@pencilpix/vue2-clock-picker/dist/vue2-clock-picker.min.css';
    export default {
      // ...
      components: {
      // ...
    1. global plugin
    import '@pencilpix/vue2-clock-picker/dist/vue2-clock-picker.min.css';
    const VueClockPickerPlugin = require('@pencilpix/vue2-clock-picker/dist/vue2-clock-picker.plugin.js')


once component is installed it can be used as:

<vue-clock-picker v-model="value"></vue-clock-picker>


prop type default
id String input id and label for value. default is randomly unique like: clock_picker_input_jj17bvjklhwhxvm
placeholder String input placeholder default ''
name String input name default ''
label String label text will be hidden if not set. default ''
input-class String css custom class to be applied to input. default clock-picker__input.
input-container-class String css custom class to be applied to input container. default clock-picker__input-container.
input-value-class String css custom class to be applied to input container when input contains value. default clock-picker__input--has-value.
input-focus-class String css custom class to be applied to input container when the input is focused. default clock-picker__input--focused.
input-error-class String css custom class to be applied to input container when the value not match HH:MM or the input is required and the value is empty. default clock-picker__input--error.
value String initial value of input. default ''
required Boolean set it to true if time field is required. default false
disabled-from String value of time to disable from until disabled-to value or to the end. default null.
disabled-to String value of time to disable from disabled-to time value or from 00:00 to, default null.
done-text String done button text, default done.
cancel-text String cancel button text, default cancel.
active-color String active value bg color, header of dialog bg, center color and line color. Default: #a48bd1.
active-text-color String active value color and actions color. default: white.
color String regular text color. default: #757575.
disabled-color String disabled actions and values color, default: #ddd.
close-on-esc Boolean enable close on ESC key press, default false.
close-on-overlay Boolean enable closing dialog on overlay click, default false.
font String font family used in canvas, default Roboto, arial, san-serif


event when
beforeOpen just before opening the dialog.
open just after opening the dialog.
beforeClose just before closing the dialog.
close just after closing the dialog.
timeset after the value of input is set. and it will recieve the value as 01:02
cancel when cancel dialog button is clicked and it will receive the value found at cancel time.


method behavior
open open the dialog
close close the dialog
getValue return the current value of the input as 02:00
setValue set the current value of input and it accept String with valid time HH:MM
validate check for errors. it can be used just before submit the form.

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