Beautiful option list for react

Beautiful option list for react

Beautiful option-list for react.Lightweight, focussable and key-responsive.

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Beautiful option-list for react.

Lightweight, focussable and key-responsive.

How to use:

const ReactDOM = require("react-dom"),
      Component = require("itsa-react-option");

const handleChange = newChecked => {
    props.checked = newChecked;

let props = {
    options: [
    checked: 3,
    onChange: handleChange

const renderOptionComponent = () => {
        <Component {...props} />,


About the css

You need the right css in order to make use of itsa-react-option. There are 2 options:

  1. You can use the css-files inside the css-folder.
  2. You can use: Component = require("itsa-react-option/lib/component-styled.jsx"); and build your project with webpack. This is needed, because you need the right plugin to handle a requirement of the scss-file.

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