HTML5 Video Player Component For Vue.js – View.js

HTML5 Video Player Component For Vue.js – View.js


Single page component HTML5 video player component for Vue.js


Running this repository

Clone this repository and run yarn or npm install to install all the dependencies.

You can then run npm run build and this project will be running on localhost:8080.

You might need to install some dependencies globally if you haven't done so already previously.

Using the component in your project

Grab the viewjs.vue file in the src and copy it into your project.

You will need some kind of module bundler to handle the .vue file - I'm using webpack for this example.

  1. Import the component into your project: import ViewJs from './viewjs.vue'; (or whatever path you need)

  2. Define a data object that will be passed to the component on your parent component:

const videoWrapper = new Vue({
    el: '#video-wrapper',
    data: function() {
        return {
            viewJs: {
                allowFullScreen: true,
                preload: 'auto',
                sources: [
                        url: '',
                        type: 'video/mp4'
                        url: '',
                        type: 'video/ogg'
    components: {
        viewJs: ViewJs
  1. Include the component HTML in your page:
<div id="video-wrapper">
    <view-js :props="viewJs"></view-js>


In your data object, you can define the following:

  • allowFullScreen | {Boolean} | if you want the full screen button to appear
  • preload | {String} | if you want the video to preload on page load. possible values are: none, auto & metadata
  • sources | {Array} | Array of objects containing url and type values

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