Image Viewer For Mobile – img-vuer

Image Viewer For Mobile – img-vuer

An image viewer for the mobile base on Vue 2.x,


An image viewer base on Vue.js for mobile

:ok_woman: Easy to use

:point_right: Swipe gesture

:mag: Zoom gesture

V0.11.0 Now you can use thumbnail~

V0.13.0 Gallery hide when the physical back button is pressed (android device only)

V0.15.0 Fix blurry after using scale()

:computer: v0.17.1 compatible with PC

Now you can use both Mobile and PC Browser :satisfied:

live demo

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npm i img-vuer --save


// import img-vuer and install
import gallery from 'img-vuer'
Vue.use(gallery, { 
  swipeThreshold: 150  // default 100 ,new in 0.12.0
<!-- add direact to <img> -->
<img v-gallery :src="...">

<!-- group images -->
<img v-gallery:groupName :src="...">
<img v-gallery:groupName :src="...">
<img v-gallery:groupName :src="...">

<!-- OR ( dynamic bind ) -->
<img v-gallery="'groupName'" :src="...">

<!-- use thumbnail, new in 0.11.0 -->
<img v-gallery :src="thumbnailSrc" data-large="originSrc">

<!-- trigger close gallery, new in 0.14.0 -->
<button @click="$imgVuer.close()">close</button>


api arg description
close() / close the viwer
onIndexChange() cb $imgVuer.onIndexChange((newVal, oldVal)=>{...})
onToggle() cb on close or on open $imgVuer.onToggle((newVal, oldVal)=>{...})
changeBGColor() color change the background color of viwer $imgVuer.changeBGColor('#fff')
next() / switch to next image $
prev() / switch to previous image $imgVuer.prev()
getCurrentIndex() / /


# development environment node v6.15.1

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

# build for production with minification
npm run build


Abnormal with page scale

Add meta

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1,user-scalable=0, maximum-scale=1">

Should not use index as key for the component which is added v-gallery.



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