Responsive tabs with react.js

Responsive tabs with react.js

Responsive tabs with react.js

React responsive tabs

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  • Hide tabs under the 'Show more' option when they don't fit into the screen
  • Transform tabs into the accordion when the wrapper width reaches the transformWidth value

Responsive tabs


The component outputs HTML code that follows accessibility principles (aka WAI-ARIA) and uses ARIA attributes such as role, aria-selected, aria-controls, aria-labeledby etc.

Accessible tabs


We are using react-resize-detector. No timers. Just pure event-based element resize detection.


npm install react-responsive-tabs


Live demo

Local demo

// 1. clone the repository
git clone

// 2. Install react-responsive-tabs dependencies. You must do it because we use raw library code in the example
cd react-responsive-tabs
npm install

// 3. Install dependencies to run the example
cd examples
npm install

// 4. Finally run the example
npm start


import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { render } from 'react-dom';
import Tabs from 'react-responsive-tabs';

// IMPORTANT you need to include the default styles
import 'react-responsive-tabs/styles.css';

const presidents = [{ name: 'George Washington', biography: '...' }, { name: 'Theodore Roosevelt', biography: '...' }];

function getTabs() {
  return, index) => ({
    getContent: () => president.biography,
    /* Optional parameters */
    key: index,
    tabClassName: 'tab',
    panelClassName: 'panel',

const App = () => <Tabs items={getTabs()} />;

render(<App />, document.getElementById('root'));


Prop Type Description Default
items Array Tabs data []
onChange Function onChange callback undefined
selectedTabKey Number/String Selected tab undefined
showMore Bool Whether to show Show more or not true
showMoreLabel String/Node Show more tab name ...
transform Bool Transform to accordion when the wrapper width is less than transformWidth. true
transformWidth Number Transform width. 800
tabsWrapperClass String Wrapper class undefined
tabClassName String Tab class undefined
panelClassName String Tab panel class undefined
allowRemove Bool Allows tabs removal. false
removeActiveOnly Bool Only active tab has removal option false
showInkBar Bool Add MaterialUI InkBar effect false



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