Minimal UI Accordion Component Written In React

Minimal UI Accordion Component Written In React

Minimal UI Accordion Component Written In React.

#React Accordion Component


$ npm install react-accordion-component

#Usage To get the basic style of the component, link in your index.html the CSS file for the Accordion:

<link rel="stylesheet" href=/path/to/accordion.css>

(normally located under your node_modules directory)

After that just require the component in the desired place of use:

var Accordion = require('react-accordion-component');

The Accordion accepts an array of objects, where each of them may have:

  • title: title for an accordion element (string)
  • onClick: callback function triggered when an accordion element is clicked (function)
  • content: content for an accordion element (string)


var elements = [];
    title: 'Element 1',
    onClick: function() {
      alert('Hello World!')
    content: 'Lorem Ipsum...'
  title: 'Element 2',
  onClick: function() {
  content: 'Lorem Ipsum...'

When rendering (using jsx):

React.render(<Accordion elements={elements} />, document.getElementById('accordion-example'));


Click in the fish eye to exapand/collapse each accordion element.

#Notes In the index.html under examples/ I've used Source Sans Pro font from Google Fonts. Feel free to change the font in accordion.css to your preferred font.


  • Add title property to the accordion(e.g. <Accordion elements={elements} title={title} />
  • Add CSS animations
  • Add API to interact with elements
  • (Dev) Improve gulp file tasks

#License MIT

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