Custom Data Filters For Vue.js 2+

Custom Data Filters For Vue.js 2+

This is a collection of useful custom filters for Vue.js apps.


A collection of useful custom filters for Vue.js(v2.x.x) apps.


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This demo uses Bootstrap.css for styling. But you should know that no stylesheets are needed for using these filters in your webapps.


For now, vue-filters-kit contains 4 custom filters.

  1. Boolean Formatter - converts boolean values into human-readable texts, eg: true-->YES, 0-->Disabled.
  2. Byte Formatter - converts bytes to kilobytes or megabytes or gigabytes or terabytes, eg: 1000000-->976.56K.
  3. Percentage Formatter - converts numbers into percentage, eg: 0.1567-->15.67%.
  4. Timestamp Formatter - converts timestamps into human-readable time, eg: 1456989887000-->Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Getting Started

  1. Install via npm:

     npm install vue-filters-kit --save
  2. Register these filters in your Vue.js app:

     const App = new Vue({
         el: '#app',
         // register filters
         filters: {
             booleanFormat: require('vue-filters-kit/filters/booleanFormatter'),
             percentageFormat: require('vue-filters-kit/filters/percentageFormatter'),
             byteFormat: require('vue-filters-kit/filters/byteFormatter'),
             timestampFormat: require('vue-filters-kit/filters/timestampFormatter')


Boolean Formatter

{{ rawValue | booleanFormat([trueText], [falseText]) }}

[trueText] is the text that will show if rawValue equals to true.

[falseText] is the text that will show if rawValue equals to false.

For example:

<span>{{ isActive | booleanFormat('Yes', 'No') }}</span>

If isActive equals to true, the rendered html will be:


Else if isActive equals to false, the result will will be:


By default, [trueText] is 'Yes' and [falseText] is 'No'.

Byte Formatter

{{ rawValue | byteFormat }}

rawValue is a number whose unit is byte.

For example:

<span>{{ size | byteFormat }}</span>

If size equals to 1000000, the rendered html will be:

<span>976.56 K</span>

Percentage Formatter

{{ rawValue | percentageFormat([digit]) }}

[digit] is the number of digits to keep after decimal.

For example:

<span>{{ ratio | percentageFormat(4) }}</span>
<span>{{ ratio | percentageFormat(2) }}</span>

If ratio equals to 0.15666666, the rendered html will be:


By default, [digit] is 2.

Timestamp Formatter

Timestamp Formatter depends on Moment.js. Make sure you have installed Moment.js via NPM.

{{ rawValue | timestampFormat([format]) }}

rawValue is a timestamp in milliseconds.

[format] is the format of the output time string.

For example:

<span>{{ startTime | timestampFormat('YYYY/MM/DD') }}</span>

If startTime equals to 1456989887000, the rendered html will be:


By default, [format] is 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss'. You can see more about [format] in Moment.js Documentation.



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