Dynamic Form Generator For Vue.js

Dynamic Form Generator For Vue.js

A schema-based form generator component for Vue.js.

vue-form-generator NPM version VueJS v2.x compatible

A schema-based form generator component for Vue.js.

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JSFiddle simple example

CodePen simple example



  • reactive forms based on schemas
  • multiple object editing
  • 21 field types
  • built-in validators
  • core & full bundles (11kb and 19kb gzipped)
  • Bootstrap friendly templates
  • customizable styles
  • can be extended easily with custom fields
  • ...etc


Online documentation on Gitbook


vue-form-generator uses fecha and lodash internally.

While built-in fields don't need external dependencies, optional fields may need other libraries. These dependencies fall into two camps: jQuery or Vanilla. You can find almost the same functionality in both flavors. In the end, it's your choice to depend on jQuery or not.

You can find details about dependencies in the official documentation under each specific component.



You can install it via NPM or yarn.

Latest version for Vue 2.x

$ npm install vue-form-generator

Legacy version for Vue 1.0.x

$ npm install [email protected]


Download zip package and unpack and add the vfg.css and vfg.js file to your project from dist folder.


Core vs Full version

VueFormGenerator come in two version : core and full. Core is a more minimal version with only half the fields. Full is core + other fields.

  • Full bundle: 75 kB (gzipped: 19 kB)
  • Core bundle: 39 kB (gzipped: 11 kB)

If you don't know what to choose, don't worry, the full is the default version. If you want the slim down version, here is the changes:

// the "full" way
  import VueFormGenerator from "vue-form-generator";
  import "vue-form-generator/dist/vfg.css";  // optional full css additions

// the "core" way
  import VueFormGenerator from "vue-form-generator/dist/vfg-core.js";
  import "vue-form-generator/dist/vfg-core.css";  // optional core css additions


  <div class="panel-body">
    <vue-form-generator :schema="schema" :model="model" :options="formOptions"></vue-form-generator>

import Vue from 'vue'
import VueFormGenerator from 'vue-form-generator'
import 'vue-form-generator/dist/vfg.css'


export default {
  data () {
    return {
      model: {
        id: 1,
        name: 'John Doe',
        password: 'J0hnD03!x4',
        skills: ['Javascript', 'VueJS'],
        email: '[email protected]',
        status: true
      schema: {
        fields: [
            type: 'input',
            inputType: 'text',
            label: 'ID (disabled text field)',
            model: 'id',
            readonly: true,
            disabled: true
            type: 'input',
            inputType: 'text',
            label: 'Name',
            model: 'name',
            placeholder: 'Your name',
            featured: true,
            required: true
            type: 'input',
            inputType: 'password',
            label: 'Password',
            model: 'password',
            min: 6,
            required: true,
            hint: 'Minimum 6 characters',
            validator: VueFormGenerator.validators.string
            type: 'select',
            label: 'Skills',
            model: 'skills',
            values: ['Javascript', 'VueJS', 'CSS3', 'HTML5']
            type: 'input',
            inputType: 'email',
            label: 'E-mail',
            model: 'email',
            placeholder: 'User\'s e-mail address'
            type: 'checkbox',
            label: 'Status',
            model: 'status',
            default: true
      formOptions: {
        validateAfterLoad: true,
        validateAfterChanged: true,
        validateAsync: true

Usage in local components

import VueFormGenerator from "vue-form-generator";

//component javascript
export default {
	components: {
		"vue-form-generator": VueFormGenerator.component


This command will start a webpack-dev-server with content of dev folder.

npm run dev


This command will build a distributable version in the dist directory.

npm run build


npm test


npm run ci

More fields new

VueFormGenerator supports custom fields. If you decide to release your custom field into the wild, please open a new issue so we can add you to a list here! Please try to use this naming convention for your custom field : vfg-field-* Example :

  • vfg-field-myfield
  • vfg-field-calendar
  • vfg-field-awesome-dropdown

This way, it will be easier for everyone to find it. Thank you !

Public Custom Fields

  • vue-tel-input - International Telephone Input Boilerplate with Vue (integrated with VueFormGenerator).
  • vfg-field-sourcecode - A source code field for vue-form-generator
  • vfg-field-array - A vue-form-generator field to handle arrays of items of any type.
  • vfg-field-object - A vue-form-generator field to handle objects, with or without schemas.
  • vfg-field-matrix - A matrix field for vue-form-generator.


Please send pull requests improving the usage and fixing bugs, improving documentation and providing better examples, or providing some testing, because these things are important.


vue-form-generator is available under the MIT license.


Copyright (C) 2017 Icebob

@icebob @icebob

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