UI Components for Vue 2.x – VV-UI

UI Components for Vue 2.x – VV-UI

VV-UI is a lightweight, modular, front-end ui library for Vue.js 2.x.


这个 UI库的核心想法是想教大家如何搭建一个基于Vue的组件库。市面上已经有很多成熟的中后台组件库,比如element-uiiview。这个组件库也是由我一个人维护开发,不建议使用到生产环境,如果有兴趣,可以fork下来作为自己技术探索的一个部分。感谢大家的支持,也欢迎大家加我QQ群:263785852 一起学习交流。


VV-UI 是一款基于 Vue.js 2.0 的前端 UI 组件库,主要用于快速开发 PC 网站中后台产品 演示地址

Standard - JavaScript Style

npm version


  • 基于 Vue 开发的 UI 组件
  • 使用 npm + webpack + babel 的工作流,支持 ES2015
  • 提供友好的 API,可灵活的使用组件



  • yarn
yarn add vvui
  • npm
npm install vvui --save


import VvUI from 'vvui' // 引入组件库
import 'vvui/packages/theme-default/lib/index.css' // 引入样式库



如果你在使用 VV-UI 时遇到问题,或者有好的建议,欢迎给我们提 IssuePull Request

Pull requests 规范

Working on your first Pull Request? You can learn how from this free series How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub

All pull requests are welcome. Thanks for taking the time to contribute.

  • Create an issue about the features, such as new components.
  • Fork the repo to your own account.
  • Clone your fork.
  • Create a new branch base on dev, if you want to add new component, the branch name should be formatted as component-[Component Name]. (e.g. component-steps) And the commit info should be formatted as [Component Name]: Info about commit.
  • Make sure that running npm run prepublish outputs the correct files.
  • Rebase before creating a PR to keep commit history clear. (Merge request to branch dev)
  • Provide some description about your PR.

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