Leanote ios app built with React Native

Leanote ios app  built with  React Native

Leanote for iOS GitHub


Leanote for iOS

基于React Native的Leanote云笔记应用 https://leanote.com/


<img width="450"src="https://github.com/leanote/leanote-ios-rn/blob/master/screenshot/login.png">

<img width="450"src="https://github.com/leanote/leanote-ios-rn/blob/master/screenshot/register.png">

<img width="450"src="https://github.com/leanote/leanote-ios-rn/blob/master/screenshot/home.png">

<img width="450"src="https://github.com/leanote/leanote-ios-rn/blob/master/screenshot/drawer.png">


  1. 登录
  2. 注册
  3. 所有笔记视图
  4. 笔记和笔记本增量更新


  1. HTML和Markdown显示
  2. 笔记编辑器(wordpress编辑器)集成
  3. 个人账户视图和逻辑的实现
  4. 笔记显示页面使用webview展示
  5. 特定笔记本的显示
  6. 关于我们视图
  7. 代码重构

依赖 react-native-sqlite


You then need to add the Objective C part to your XCode project. Drag AIBSQLite.xcodeproj from the node_modules/react-native-sqlite folder into your XCode projec. Click on the your project in XCode, goto Build Phases then Link Binary With Libraries and add libAIBSQLite.a and libsqlite3.dylib.

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