Vue Custom Number Input

Vue Custom Number Input

A custom input number (input spinner) component for Vue.js 2.

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A custom input number component for Vue.js 2.



yarn add vue-input-number --dev


npm install vue-input-number --save-dev






  export default {
    methods: {
        onChange (value) {

In your entry app:

const Vue = require('vue')

Vue.component('vue-input-number', require('vue-input-number'))

const app = new Vue({
  el: '#app'

For more detailed example check out the app directory.


  • value: Add a default value to input.
  • step: Step value for increment and decrement the input number value.
  • min: Minimum value for input number. min is only used as a placeholder if placeholder is empty.
  • max: Maximum value for input number.
  • maxlength: Maxlength for the input number.
  • keydown: Enable keydown for increment or decrement value.
  • mousedown: Enable mousedown for increment or decrement value.
  • integer: Enable integer value only.
  • placeholder: Set a input placeholder. If placeholder has some value then min is not used as a placeholder.
  • inputclass: Set a diferent class for the input element. For example, if you use Bootstrap default input class you can set :inputclass="'form-control'" to use form-control class in the input element.



Event is fired when value is changed.


MIT license

© 2018 José Luis Quintana

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