Vue Component For Text Glitch Effect

Vue Component For Text Glitch Effect

A vue.js component which lets you create an awesome glitch effect on any text.

Vue text glitch

Vue text glitch component.


Check out the demo

Getting started

Pull in the package:

yarn add vue-text-glitch

Import the component:

import VueTextGlitch from 'vue-text-glitch'
export default {
    components: {

Use in your template:

        text="Vue Text Glitch!"


  • Animation is generated using Javascript
  • Multiple different glitches on the same page
  • Plug and play


text (default Vue Text Glitch)

The text that should be glitched.

steps (default 20)

Number of keyframes in the animation. 20 means there's a keyframe every 100/20 = 5%.

height (default 2)

The animation speed.

id (default text-glitch)

This is a prefix for the animation and styles, so you can use multiple different glitches on the same page.

speed (default false)

Whether or not to apply the error class

fill (default #2c3e50)

The fill color.

background (default #fff)

The background color.

highlight1 (default red)

First highlight color.

highlight2 (default blue)

Second highlight color.


Github Repository

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