Vue Plugin To Create Fullscreen Scrolling Websites – ks-vue-fullpage

Vue Plugin To Create Fullscreen Scrolling Websites – ks-vue-fullpage

A simple, flexible and easy to use Vue plugin to create fullscreen scrolling websites (also known as single page websites or onepage sites).


ks-vue-fullpage vue2

A simple, flexible and easy to use Vue plugin to create fullscreen scrolling websites (also known as single page websites or onepage sites). No jQuery needed, pure Vanilla js.

Try it in this fiddle .


  • x-axis or y-axis animations
  • w/without subtle parallax animations (on both axis)
  • multiple events triggered by the plugin on every components, listenable using vm.$ksvuefp

Inspired by the awesome jQuery plugin "FullPage.js" , created by @Alvarotrigo

Getting Started

The plugin only works with 2nd version of Vue.js. Also, you'll need to include Velocity and hammerjs in your bundle (or directly in your html page if you choose the good old script tag method).

    npm i --save ks-vue-fullpage


With Webpack

    import KsVueFullpage from 'ks-vue-fullpage'

With Nuxt

Create a ksvuefp.js files in yur plugins folder, and add it to yout nuxt.config.js files with ssr: false option


    import KsVueFullpage from 'ks-vue-fullpage'


  plugins: [{
    src: '~/plugins/ksvuefp',
    ssr: false

With a script tag

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/dist/ks-vue-fullpage.min.css"></link>
    <script src="/dist/ks-vue-fullpage.min.js"></script>  

Ks-vue-fullpage registers 2 new components:

  • "ksvuefp", which is the wrapper for our sections
  • "ksvuefp-section", which is the single section wrapper you'll use with v-for

and add $ksvuefp property to every components, available at vm.$ksvuefp

vm.$ksvuefp returns the following datas object

  options: [], // Default options (see below) merged with your prop options
  fpLoaded: false, // true when the plugin and his components are totally loaded
  currentIndex: 0, // the index currently shown
  slidingActive: false, // true if sections transition is occuring
  sliderDirection: 'down', // one of 'up' or 'down'
  wWidth: 0, // Integer. current screen width
  wHeight: 0 // Integer. current screen height

Example code

      <ksvuefp :options="options" :sections="sections"> // Where options is an object of options, and sections an array containing our sections datas

          v-for="(s,index) in sections"
          :background-image="'url('+ s.img_url +')'"
          :background-color="'#123456'" >

          <h2> {{any_data}} </h2>


        return {
          sections: [
              id: 1,
              any_data: "I'm section 1",
              img_url: './images/whatever01.jpg'
              id: 2,
              any_data: "I'm section 2",
              img_url: './images/whatever02.jpg'
              id: 3,
              any_data: "I'm section 3",
              img_url: './images/whatever03.jpg'
          // See below for a list of default options
          options: {
            duration: 800,
            easing: [1, 0, 0, 1],
            loopBottom: true

Default options

export default {
   * Html params
   * @property {String} sectionTag - The tag used to wrap each vsvuefp-section component.
  sectionTag: 'div',
   * Animation params
   * @property {String} animationType - Transition effect between 2 screens. Should be one of 'slideY', 'slideX', or 'fade'
   * @property {Number} duration - Duration of transition between 2 screens, in ms
   * @property {String} easing - Easing of the transition between 2 screens. Can be all easings supported by Velocity, including bezier curves. ex: [0.2, 0.5, 0.2, 0.5]
   * @property {Number} animDelay - Content animation delay. Help you define timing between screens transition and content animations
  animationType: 'slideY',
  duration: 1000,
  easing: 'easeInOutQuad',
  animDelay: 0,
   * Preloading params
   * @property {Boolean} preloaderEnabled - Add a fullscreen preloading overlay with loading animation
   * @property {String} preloaderBgColor - Background color for the preloader overlay.
   * @property {String} preloaderColor - Preloader icon and text color
   * @property {String} preloaderText - The text that will appear under the icon animation during loading
   * @property {Boolean} waitForBackgrounds - Wait for sections background images to be fully loaded before triggering $ksvuefp-ready event
  preloaderEnabled: true,
  preloaderBgColor: '#fff',
  preloaderColor: '#212121',
  preloaderText: 'Loading...',
  waitForBackgrounds: true,
   * Navigation params
   * @property {Boolean} dotNavEnabled - Add a dot navigation
   * @property {String} dotNavPosition - Change dotNav position. Should be one of top, bottom, left or right
   * @property {String} dotNavColor - Change dotNav color
   * @property {Boolean} loopBottom - Go to first section on scroll down while watching last section
   * @property {Boolean} loopTop - Go to last section on scroll up while watching first section
  dotNavEnabled: true,
  dotNavPosition: 'right',
  dotNavColor: '#fff',
  loopBottom: false,
  loopTop: false,
   * Design params
   * @property {Boolean - String} overlay - Insert a fullsize div between background and content, and set its background property. Must be a valid css background rule
   * @property {Boolean} parallax - Enable parallax effect on section's background
   * @property {Float} parallaxOffset - Parallax offset amount, default to 0.5. Should be between 0 and 1. 0 gives no parallax effect, 1 gives a "stacking effect" (the old section remains fixed during transition while the next one slides above it).
  overlay: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2)',
  parallax: false,
  parallaxOffset: 0.5

Available Properties

ksvuefp component

Name Data type Default value Description
options object - custom options (cf example above)
sections array - sections list (cf example above)

ksvuefp-section component

Name Data type Default value Description
section object, string - the single section datas issued from v-for loop (cf example above)
key int - A unique identifier for this item
section-index int - must be the section's index issued from v-for loop (cf example above)
background-image string - must be a valid css background rule.
background-color string - must be a valid css background rule.

Available Events

You can listen to this events on all components using vm.$ksvuefp.$on :

Name Datas Description
ksvuefp-ready - Triggered when the plugin is fully loaded
ksvuefp-change-begin nextIndex, oldIndex, direction Triggered when the animation between 2 sections begins
ksvuefp-change-done - Triggered when the animation between 2 sections finishes
ksvuefp-resized - Triggered on window.resize

You can emit this event from all components using vm.$ksvuefp.$emit :

Name Datas Description
ksvuefp-nav-click nextIndex Changes the current index to nextIndex

For example, if you want to create a custom navigation:

        <li v-for="(s,index) in sections">
          <a href="#" @click.prevent="$ksvuefp.$emit('ksvuefp-nav-click', {nextIndex: index})">
            Section {{ index + 1 }} // The first index is 0

Remaining tasks

  • [x] Add parallax effect on both axis
  • [x] Make it Nuxt compatible
  • [x] Create demos (in progress)
  • [x] Add delay option, to enable content animations before sliding
  • [ ] Add better responsive features


I'm just a lowly frontend developer trying to master ES6, so suggestions are more than welcome, not only for feature requests but also for coding style improvements.



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