Vue.js 2 Wrapper For Dropzone.js

Vue.js 2 Wrapper For Dropzone.js

A Vue2 wrapper for Dropzone.js that provides drag’n’drop file uploads with image previews for your web applications.


Base on Vue2, wrapper for Dropzone.js.

Render a Upload-Area Easily

  • Default Theme
<vue-dzone :id="'mydzone'" :url="'/photo/upload'" :defaultTheme="true">
    <div class="dz-message" slot="form"><span>Hey drop here</span></div>


  • Default theme
  • Form using div tag, not form tag.
  • Vue-Slot driven form template
  • Vue-Slot driven preview template
  • pass option to dropzone from single prop
  • pass option to dropzone from entire object
  • Catch native dropzone instance

Document and Demo

NPM Package

NPM Package


npm install vue2-dzone   


yarn add vue2-dzone  


  • vue2-dzone base on Vue.js
  • vue2-dzone base on Dropzone.js
  • By Dropzone default, the DOM container with css (.dz-message) will be replace by preview template

How to use

Coming soon...

Props - Required

Prop Name Type Description
id String The dropzone form's id.
url String Upload url. (post by default)

Props - Dropzone.js

Same as dropzone.js See - Dropzone configuration

Props - Custom

Prop Name Type Default Description
dropzoneClass String empty string The dropzone form's class. do not use :class to bind class, it will effect entire component not Dropzone's form
dropzoneStyle String empty string The dropzone form's style.
defaultTheme Boolean false if true, it will generate a dropzone like official style
options Object empty object if provide a object, it will be merge by dropzone's default options


Event Name Payload Description
dzone-init Dropzone instance when dropzone init, vue2dozne will emit this event with dropzone instance
dzone-drop dom-event The user dropped something onto the dropzone.
dzone-dragstart dom-event The user started to drag anywhere
dzone-dragend dom-event Dragging has ended
dzone-dragenter dom-event The user dragged a file onto the Dropzone
dzone-dragover dom-event The user is dragging a file over the Dropzone
dzone-dragleave dom-event The user dragged a file out of the Dropzone
dzone-success file, response The file has been uploaded successfully. Gets the server response as second argument.
dzone-error file, error, xhr An error occured. Receives the errorMessage as second parameter and if the error was due to the XMLHttpRequest the xhr object as third.
dzone-complete nothing Called when the upload was either successful or erroneous.
dzone-queuecomplete files Called when all files in the queue finish uploading.
dzone-addedfile file When a file is added to the list

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