Pure JS Lightbox Component For Vue.js

Pure JS Lightbox Component For Vue.js

A pure JS lightbox (gallery) component for Vue.js.

Pure JS lightbox component for Vue.js

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The live demo is available here: https://codepen.io/DCzajkowski/pen/rzOErW.


With NPM:

npm i vue-pure-lightbox --save

With a CDN:

<!-- In <head> -->
<meta rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/vue-pure-lightbox/dist/vue-pure-lightbox.css">
<!-- In <body>, after Vue import -->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/vue-pure-lightbox/dist/vue-pure-lightbox.js"></script>


With an ES6 bundler (via NPM)

In your index file

import Lightbox from 'vue-pure-lightbox'

With a CDN


  new Vue({
    // ...

Simple example

  :images="['/path/to/image1.jpg', '/path/to/image1.jpg']"
  <lightbox-default-loader slot="loader"></lightbox-default-loader> <!-- If you want to use built-in loader -->
  <!-- <div slot="loader"></div> --> <!-- If you want to use your own loader -->

Simple example with content slot

    { link: 'https://placekitten.com/1080/910', alt: 'Cat 1' },
    { link: 'https://placekitten.com/1080/920', alt: 'Cat 2' },
  <lightbox-default-loader slot="loader"></lightbox-default-loader>
  <div slot="content" slot-scope="{ url: { link, alt } }">
    <img :src="link" :alt="alt">

Available props:

Prop Type Value
thumbnail string Path to a file being your thumbnail
images string[] or array Array of paths to files visible in the lightbox
alternate-text string (Optional) alt="" text for your image
value boolean (Optional) reactive visibility prop

Available slots:

Slot Description Default
content Default value is hen you don't want a def <img> tag with src set to path
loader DOM to be used when there is an image loading No loader


This package consists of just one .vue file. It is meant to be as small and simple as possible. In return you get a <lightbox> Vue component that allows you to show images in a nice, responsive lightbox.

Supported keys:

  • Arrow right - Go to the next image
  • Arrow left - Go to the previous image
  • Escape key - Close the modal
  • Arrow up, Arrow down and a Space Bar - inactive when the lightbox is visible

CSS is being used in the component, but each class is prefixed with a lightbox keyword. You can overwrite them as you wish.


Just use it. For free. Forever.


If you find any bug or problem with the plugin please open an issue or create a pull request on the Github repo.

Github Repository

Tags: #VueJs