Flexible Table Component For Vue.js

Flexible Table Component For Vue.js

A flexible table component for Vue.js based on bulma.


A flexible table component for Vue.js based on bulma

This component tries to be flexible by making stuff modular so you can implement your own template, methods, whatnot. Don't worry if you don't know how to or if you are just lazy making one,this package has a default implementations by providing a mixin.



The Live demo can be found here: https://xxrockonxx.github.io/vue-flexi-table/demo/index.html


  <flexi-table-tools label="customer" link="/admin/customers/create" v-on:search="onSearch"></flexi-table-tools>

  <flexi-table :columns="columns" :rows="dtRows" :query="query" :search="searchOption" :page="dtPage" :perPage="dtPerPage">
    <!-- Customize a column by making a template. Its slot value is the `name` in the `columns` -->
    <template slot="address" scope="props">
        <div>{{ props.value.address_1 }}</div>
        <div>{{ props.value.address_2 }}</div>
        <div>{{ props.value.city }}</div>

    <template slot="actions" scope="props">
        <router-link :to="`${api}/${props.value}`" class="button is-small is-outlined is-warning"><i class="fa fa-pencil"></i></router-link>
        <button type="button" class="button is-small is-outlined is-danger" v-on:click="onDeleteClick"><i class="fa fa-trash"></i></button>

  <div class="table-pagination">
    <div class="level">
      <div class="level-left"></div>
      <div class="level-right">
        <div class="level-item">
          <flexi-table-length-control v-on:change="dtLengthChange"></flexi-table-length-control>

        <div class="level-item">

        <div class="level-item">
import {dtMixins, Length, LengthControl, Pagination, Table, Tools} from 'vue-flexi-table/src'

export default {
  components: {
      'flexi-table': Table,
      'flexi-table-tools': Tools,
      'flexi-table-length': Length,
      'flexi-table-pagination': Pagination,
      'flexi-table-length-control': LengthControl

    mixins: [dtMixins],
    data () {
      return {
        /* if you'll be using dtMixins, dtRows SHOULD be present */
        dtRows: [],

        columns: [
          { name: 'firstname', text: 'First Name' },
          { name: 'lastname', text: 'Last Name' },
          { name: 'phone', text: 'Phone' },
          { name: 'address', text: 'Address' },
          { name: 'actions', text: 'Actions' }

        query: '',

        searchOption: {
          server: false,
          settings: {
            fields: ['firstname', 'lastname', 'phone', 'address.address_1', 'address.address_2', 'address.city'],
            nesting: true


Default components that comes with the package and their props

Table - The main component

Props Type Required Default
rows Array true
columns Object true
query String false
search Object false
page Number true
perPage Number false 10

columns - name is the key in your rows. text is the label to be shown on the template.

search - Search settings should look like this:

{ server: false, settings: {} }

server by default is false

settings should look like: https://github.com/brianreavis/sifter.js/#api

Tools - A horizontal container that has search field on left side and create button on right. (Uses router-link)

Props Type Required
label String true
link String true

label - The label for the elements. (Search for label), (Create label)

link - Link for the create button.

Events Payload
search query

Pagination - Pagination buttons for navigating the table

Props Type Required
currentPage Number true
totalPages Number true
pages Array true
Events Payload
pageClick pageNumber

pages - An array contaning the page numbers. empty value means ellipsis. Example: ['',51,52,53,'',100]

Length Control - Controls the number of rows to be shown on each page

Events Payload
change rowLength

Length - Just shows how many record and what record is shown on the current page. Example: (1 - 10 of 50)

Props Type Required
start Number true
end Number true
total Number true


You are welcome to contribute to this project. Just fork this and make a PR and I'll review it.

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