Typeahead Component For Vue.js

Typeahead Component For Vue.js

Just another typeahead & autocomplete library for Vue.js based applications.


See a live demo here.



Available through npm as vue-typeahead.

npm install --save vue-typeahead

Also, you need to install a HTTP client like axios.


If you are using [email protected]+, you could use the new extends property (see below).

Otherwise, the mixins way also works.

    <!-- optional indicators -->
    <i class="fa fa-spinner fa-spin" v-if="loading"></i>
    <template v-else>
      <i class="fa fa-search" v-show="isEmpty"></i>
      <i class="fa fa-times" v-show="isDirty" @click="reset"></i>

    <!-- the input field -->
    <input type="text"

    <!-- the list -->
    <ul v-show="hasItems">
      <!-- for [email protected] use: ($item, item) -->
      <li v-for="(item, $item) in items" :class="activeClass($item)" @mousedown="hit" @mousemove="setActive($item)">
        <span v-text="item.name"></span>

import VueTypeahead from 'vue-typeahead'

export default {
  extends: VueTypeahead, // [email protected]+
  // mixins: [VueTypeahead], // [email protected]

  data () {
    return {
      // The source url
      // (required)
      src: '...',

      // The data that would be sent by request
      // (optional)
      data: {},

      // Limit the number of items which is shown at the list
      // (optional)
      limit: 5,

      // The minimum character length needed before triggering
      // (optional)
      minChars: 3,

      // Highlight the first item in the list
      // (optional)
      selectFirst: false,

      // Override the default value (`q`) of query parameter name
      // Use a falsy value for RESTful query
      // (optional)
      queryParamName: 'search'

  methods: {
    // The callback function which is triggered when the user hits on an item
    // (required)
    onHit (item) {
      // alert(item)

    // The callback function which is triggered when the response data are received
    // (optional)
    prepareResponseData (data) {
      // data = ...
      return data

  li.active {
    /* ... */

Key Actions

Down Arrow: Highlight the previous item.

Up Arrow: Highlight the next item.

Enter: Hit on highlighted item.

Escape: Hide the list.


loading: Indicates that awaits the data.

isEmpty: Indicates that the input is empty.

isDirty: Indicates that the input is not empty.

Useful if you want to add icon indicators (see the demo)


VueTypeahead is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.

Github Repository

Tags: #VueJs