Masked Input Component For Vue.js

Masked Input Component For Vue.js

A dead simple masked input component for Vue.js 2.x.

Vue Masked Input

Dead simple masked input component for Vue.js 2.X. Based on inputmask-core.

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npm install vue-masked-input --save


Use it with v-model just like a native html input with the mask attribute:

<masked-input v-model="date" mask="11/11/1111" placeholder="dd/mm/yyyy" />

The following format characters define editable parts of the mask (see inputmask-core):

  • 1 - number
  • a - letter
  • A - letter, forced to upper case when entered
  • * - alphanumeric
  • # - alphanumeric, forced to upper case when entered
  • + - any character

Static characters

If you need to include one of these characters as a static part of the mask, you can escape them with a preceding backslash:

<masked-input v-model="phone" mask="\+\1 (111) 111-1111" placeholder="Phone number" type="tel" />

Raw input

You can also get a raw user input text if you want. Instead of using v-model you might need second argument of the input event:

<masked-input mask="\+\1 (111) 1111-11" placeholder="Phone" @input="rawVal = arguments[1]" />

Placeholder character

Placeholder character is customizable by placeholder-char attribute:

<masked-input v-model="phone" mask="\+\1 (111) 111-1111" placeholder-char="-" placeholder="Phone number" type="tel" />

Custom mask object

You can use your own mask options object, it will be passed to the inputmask-core constructor:

    pattern: 'VVVV',
    formatCharacters: {
      'V': {
        validate: char => /[a-jA-J]/.test(char),
        transform: char => char.toUpperCase(),

Known issues/TODO

  • Cut in mobile Chrome
  • Cyrillic chars are not supported in mobile Chrome
  • Backspace problems in mobile Chrome

Found more? It's open for feedback and pull requests

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