Data Table Component For Vue.js

Data Table Component For Vue.js

A simple, flexible data table component for Vue.js applications.

Vue Date Table Component

Attention: new repo for Vue 2.x:

npm version npm download

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This component is not meant to fit all the business requirements
so diving into src/ to make it meets your needs is highly recommended


See here, source in example.html

Suggest inspecting it with devtools



npm i vue-datatable-component -S

alternatively: <script src="dist/vue-datatable-component.min.js"></script>
which exposes VueDataTable as a global variable


HeadSort / LimitSelect / Pagination / SearchInput will keep in sync with $route.query

├── HeadSort            // sortBy={String} order=asc|desc
│   ├── index.vue
│   └── mixin.js
├── HeaderSettings.vue
├── LimitSelect.vue     // limit={Number||10}
├── MultiSelect
│   ├── index.vue
│   └── mixin.js
├── Pagination.vue      // offset={Number||0}
├── SearchInput.vue     // search={String}
└── index.vue



@prop columns: { type: Array, required: true }
  columns[i].field         // {String}, required
  columns[i].title         // {String}, required
  columns[i].sort          // {Boolean||false}, is it sortable?
  columns[i].component     // {String}, name of the table-cell-component
  columns[i].defaultHidden // {Boolean||false}

@prop data: { type: Array, required: true }

@prop total: { type: Number, required: true }
// total number of records, instead of total records number per page (which named `limit`)

@prop checkedIds: { type: Array, twoWay: true }
// if component `MultiSelect` is enabled, this prop must be passed a `[]` in `.sync` mode

@prop config: { type: Object, default: () => ({}) }
  // child components enabler
  config.multiSelect    // {Boolean||true}
  config.headerSettings // {Boolean||true}
  config.limitSelect    // {Boolean||true}
  config.pagination     // {Boolean||true}
  config.searchInput    // {Boolean/String||true} string type would be applied to `placeholder`
  config.idField        // {String||'id'} specify the key field

@slot name="opt"
// table-cell component accessible props
@prop row: { type: Object, twoWay: true }
@prop field: { type: String }
@prop value: { type: Any, twoWay: true }


In terms of the usage of events ($dispatch / $broadcast / $on) of a table-cell component, you should be aware of that: its parent component is DataTable. You should use this.$parent.$dispatch(<event_name>, <payload>) instead of this.$dispatch since DataTable would not keep event propagation.


npm run build



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