Multiple Photo Galleries Built With Vue.js 2

Multiple Photo Galleries Built With Vue.js 2

An easy to use photo gallery / gallery lightbox built with Vue.js 2.

In order for the gallery to work the only file you need to edit is vue-photo-gallery.js. You can have as many or as little galleries as you want. Just add/remove objects from the global_images_array.

Each sub array in the main 'global_images_array' on the top of the file represents data for a single gallery:

  1. images_array - array of images and their relative paths.
  2. thumbnail_image - if image not specified the thumbnail image will be the first image in images_array.
  3. category - name of category
  4. project_name - name of project
  • using the same image twice in the same gallery will break the code.
  • dependencies - bootstrap.css, vue.js 2


Github Repository

Tags: #VueJs