Elegant Date Picker For Vue

Elegant Date Picker For Vue

Just another date picker UI component for Vue.js app. Supports date range, custom language, custom date format, etc.

Vue Datepicker Component

A Datepicker Component For VueJs (https://edisdev.github.io/vue-datepicker-ui)


Prop Value
value (v-model) Date or Array for range
range Boolean - (default: false)
lang String / Supports all languages / iso code language / default: 'tr'
firstDayOfWeek monday or sunday (default: monday)
inputClass String / classname for input
position String / options = top, bottom, left, right / default: left
disabled-start-date Object . This object consists of the start and end information(from and to params). ( For single status and range status of startDate). Default: { from: null, to: null}
disabled-end-date Object . It has the same with disabled-start-end. (For range status of end Date. Ignored in single status.)
text-format String / Short And Long / Short and long formats of month and day names
date-format Object / This is the format in which the selected date will be displayed to the user. / default: { day: '2-digit', month: 'long', year: 'numeric' }

DEMO (https://edisdev.github.io/vue-datepicker-ui)


date-format object values is consists to toLocaleString in js. (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Date/toLocaleString).

Github Repository

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