Simple Virtual Keyboard For Vue.js

Simple Virtual Keyboard For Vue.js

A Vue.js component used for displaying a simple virtual keyboard on the screen.


A virtual keyboard for Vue 2.


$ npm install --save vue-keyboard



<keyboard layouts="abc123|xyz456|{space:space}"></keyboard>

Each layout accepts a pipe | delimited string of characters to use as the keyboard buttons. You can include special function characters with the {text:action} syntax, where text is the text that will be rendered in the button and action is the action within the keyboard component to be called when that button is pressed. The inbuilt actions are:

  • backspace - Remove one character from the end of the current value.
  • space - Insert one whitespace character.
  • clear - Clear the entire input value.
  • goto:n - Go to a new keyboard layout, replacing n with the index of the layout to load.

If the action does not match any of these inbuilt actions, an event will be dispatched by the keyboard component instead, using the action name as the event name. The keyboard component will be provided to the listener as the first argument.

Note: You can simply use {action} which will create a button with no text content. This is useful for things like space which you may just want to render as a wide empty button.

You can use the pipe |, open curly brace { or close curly brace } characters in your keyboard by doubling up, e.g.

<keyboard layouts="||{{}}"></keyboard>

Will output a keyboard with the characters |{}.


Prop Type Description
layouts string|string[] One or more keyboard layouts, explained above.
maxlength number The maximum input length.
pattern string A regex pattern to apply to the keyboard value. If provided, an invalid match will add the invalid class to the keyboard component. If not provided or if the value matches, the valid class is added.


Here is an example application containing a keyboard component:


import Vue from 'vue';
import keyboard from 'vue-keyboard';

new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  components: { keyboard },

  data: {
    input: '',

  methods: {
    changed(value) {
      console.log('Value ' + value);

    custom(keyboard) {



This keeps the input value in the main application in sync with the value of the keyboard, limits that value to 16 characters and triggers the 'custom' function in the main application when the "custom" button in the keyboard is clicked.


vue-keyboard is available under the MIT license.

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