Facebook-like Lightbox Carousel Component For Vue.js

Facebook-like Lightbox Carousel Component For Vue.js

A Vue.js component for creating a Facebook-like gallery lightbox for your photos.

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VueJs Carousel Awesome Vue

Easy to use VueJS component for Photo galleries, built with VueJS and web standards in mind

How to install

In order to use the carousel you have to follow 3 simple steps:

  • Install the package from npm npm install vuejs-carousel --save
  • Go into your Vue main file or main javascript file
  • Import the carousel import {store, Photos, Theater} from "vuejs-carousel"
  • Add the component inside your views

How to use

This carousel is pretty easy to use. Put the source code inside your page:

 <script src="dist/example.js"></script>

Add the components to your page like the example:

<div id="your-application-id">
    <photos source="https://www.mockaroo.com/8e9a75b0/download?count=10&key=e2db8d80"></photos>

Try it with a source, for example you can use Mockaroo


The current state of the component uses an array of photos objects and it expects this attributes:

  • id
  • thumbnail
  • photo
  • name
  • body
  • created_at
  • comments array
    • id
    • name
    • body
    • created_at

Be Aware: If you have a different API structure you have to change the code a little bit in particular you have to change the attributes of selectedPhoto and of photos. I will try to make this as dynamic as possible soon...

The source of the API is provided by Mockaroo


If you want to contribute to this project issues and pull requests are welcome! In order to get started with the code you should:

  • Either download or clone this repository
  • Run npm install this will install all the necessary dependencies
  • Run npm run dev
  • Start coding :smile:


See License file for further details.


See Changelog File for further details.

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