Vuejs And Typeahead Auto Complete

Vuejs And Typeahead Auto Complete

A vue.js typeahead and autocomplete component.

Vuejs Autocomplete Component (Demo)

Hope your are familiar with node and able to compile vuejs component.


npm install vuejs-autocomplete --save  


  • value: String - The value input field;
  • classes: String - The name of class for input field
  • suggestionTemplate: String - A Custom template which will be displayed as suggestion list
  • defaultSuggestion : Boolean - 'true' if you want to enable default suggestion on focus.
  • local: Array - If you want to pass your existing data for auto-completion items.
  • remote: String - The remote(server) url to fetch auto-completion items.
  • responseWrapper: String - The key name which is used ot wrap the response.


  • selected : This event is fired when an item is selected and passed as argument.

Vuejs-autocomplete Example

Github Repository

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