Vue Smart Table Component

Vue Smart Table Component

A simple table component for interactive tables built with Vue.js.

Not compatible with Vue 2.0, looking for a maintainer for this project.


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Vue Smart Table is a simple but powerful table framework. Every column is a component.


Basically you write this

    {key: 'name.first', label: 'name'},
    {key: 'name.last', label: 'surname'},
    {key: 'gender'},
    {key: 'phone+cell', label: 'contacts'},
    {key: 'picture.thumbnail', label: 'avatar'}
    {key: 'nat', label: 'nationality'}
    :order-by="['name.first', 'name.last']"
   <src2img col="picture.thumbnail"></src2img><!-- renders pictures -->
   <contacts col="phone+cell"></contacts><!-- custom formatting -->
   <nationality col="nat"></nationality><!-- queries a remote server for country code to country name conversion -->
   <fontawesome col="gender"></fontawesome><!-- font awesome! -->

and you get this

vue smart table



If you use Webpack/Browserify

npm install vue-smart-table --save

In your app then you write:

import SmartTable from "vue-smart-table"
Vue.component('smart-table', SmartTable)

Alternatively you can add it to your components options

import SmartTable from "vue-smart-table"
// ...
components: {
    'smart-table': SmartTable
// ...

In Webpack you will have to transpile some .js files inside the vue-smart-table, since the node_modules directory it’s excluded by default in the vue-cli template, remember to enable it. This means that if your js loader is like this:

  test: /\.js$/,
  loader: 'babel',
  include: projectRoot,
  exclude: /node_modules/ // <-- this needs to be changed

You will have to spare the folder node_modules/vue-smart-table/src/components from exclusion. Just turn the exclude property to:

exclude: /node_modules(?!\/vue-smart-table\/src\/components)/

If you use the <script> tag inside your page

This is ideal if you are using Smart Table as a drop-in component in a bigger project that is not based on Vue.js

The vue-smart-table.js does not contain vue and vue-resource dependencies, those will also need to be on the page.

<script src=""></script>
<!-- or -->
<script src="[email protected]/dist/static/vue-smart-table.js"></script>

That’s it! The component will register itself! Remember do add a min.js when going in production.

After that you can freely use it in your templates:

<smart-table :body="[{hello:'world'}]"></smart-table>

Smart Table Tutorial in under 20 seconds


You will find documentation at the wiki page (although there is no versioning there, so heads up)


For more information visit:

The format of the body prop is like the following:

[ { _id: 3 , name: 'John'  , surname: 'Smith' },
  { _id: 92, name: 'Fulano', surname: 'Perro' } ]

Pokédex table

Smart Table for ____________________________LIVE DEMO


# install dependencies
npm install

# serve demo app with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

# build standalone with minification
npm run build

# run unit tests
# always run unit tests! D:<
npm run ~unit
# for the body parsing run
npm run ~funit


  • [x] Bootsrap/Semantic compatibility
  • [x] Derived columns
  • [ ] Sorting
    • [x] Client side
    • [ ] Server side
  • [ ] Pagination
    • [ ] Client side
    • [ ] Server side
  • [x] Inline editing
    • [ ] Inline adding
    • [ ] Inline validation
  • [ ] Drag row to reorder
  • [ ] Filtering
    • [x] Client side
    • [ ] Server side

Similar Components

Here is a list of similar components that also display a table:



  • Complete engine rewrite!
    • Core logic was ~100 lines, now only ~15
    • Such maintainance
    • Many development speed
    • wow!
  • [Feature] Client filtering is now supported through the filter event


  • [Fix] Polyfill for find added for Chrome for Android


  • [Fix] As a workaround for Safari, use explicitly CSS polyfill


  • [Fix] Added polyfill for CSS.escape
  • [Fix] Removed instances of HTMLNodelist.forEach


  • [Feature] Inline edit capabilities with more advanced components
  • Breaking change: format of the header prop is changed (:header="[{key: 'key1', label: 'label'}, {key: 'keyEqualsToLabel'}]"
  • Breaking change: body-field => body-path
  • Bootstrap/Semantic compatibility


  • [Fix] Shows _id column if explicitly set in the header


  • click column headers to order by that column


  • again forgot about the dist files -.-


  • can set body-field to empty string if data is already in an array


  • forgot to rebuild the dist files -.-


  • derived columns (:header="{'home+office+mobile':'contacts'}")


  • completely new body format (see docs)
  • auto loading data on startup using the "auto-load" prop
  • header can read from nested attributes with dot notation (eg. "name.last")
  • ids can now include letters, some signs (._-) and can be null
  • body and id fields can be changed through "body-field" and "id-col" props


  • stains the global scope with SmartTable constructor


Working on break dependencies on other modules

  • build now yields only two files
  • external dependencies now needs to be available in global namespace
    • Ramda
    • jQuery
    • Vue
    • VueResource

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