Toastr For Vue.js 2

Toastr For Vue.js 2


This is master branch vue-toastr which works only with Vue 2.x. vue-toa[email protected]latest

For the Vue 1.x see the 1.0 branch. [email protected]1.0.4

Note::closeOnHover,onMouseOver,onMouseOut works only 2.x

With npm & babel

Add the Toast into the package.json. #for vue 1.x

npm install [email protected]^1.0.4 --save

Add the Toast into the package.json. #for vue 2.x

npm install [email protected] --save

Add the toast in application and register component.

// import Toastr
import Toastr from 'vue-toastr';
// import toastr scss file: need webpack sass-loader
// Register vue component

Plugin mode (work only vue 2.x)

// import Toastr
import Toastr from 'vue-toastr';
// import toastr scss file: need webpack sass-loader
// Register plugin
Vue.use(Toastr, { /* options */ });

Plugin Mode vue 2.x

this.$toastr // use plugin mode autoamatic installed if you use browser.

Add component html: for vue 1.x

<vue-toastr v-ref:toastr></vue-toastr>

Add component html: for vue 2.x

<vue-toastr ref="toastr"></vue-toastr>

Now you can manage toastr

// use component
this.$root.$refs.toastr.e("ERRROR MESSAGE");
this.$root.$refs.toastr.s("SUCCESS MESSAGE");
// use plugin
this.$toastr.e("ERRROR MESSAGE");
this.$toastr.s("SUCCESS MESSAGE");

without npm

Development Setup

# install deps
npm install

# serve examples at http://localhost:8080/
npm run dev
# build  dist/vue-toastr.js dist/vue-toastr.css
npm run build
# build for production min version. dist/vue-toastr.min.js dist/vue-toastr.min.css
npm run build_min
# build for production js+css combine. dist/vue-toastr.combine.min.js
npm run build_combine
# clear All builds.. rm -rf dist/*
npm run clear
#Build all. npm run build && npm run build_min && npm run build_combine
npm run buildAll

Doc # Overwrite Settings

Overwrite inside component

Change Default Toast Timeout

this.$refs.toastr.defaultTimeout = 3000; // default timeout : 5000

Change Default Toast ProgressBar

this.$refs.toastr.defaultProgressBar = false; // default active : true

Change Default Toast ProgressBar Manual Value

this.$refs.toastr.defaultProgressBarValue = 0; // default value : null (managed by JS timer)

Change Default Toast Type

this.$refs.toastr.defaultType = "error"; // default type : success

Change Default Position

this.$refs.toastr.defaultPosition = "toast-bottom-left" // default position: toast-top-right

Change Default Close On Mouse Hover

this.$refs.toastr.defaultCloseOnHover = false // default close on hover: true

Change Default Style

this.$refs.toastr.defaultStyle = { "background-color": "red" } // default style: { }

Overwrite via plugin options

You can also overwrite defaults by passing options object during plugin registration

Vue.use(Toastr, { 
	defaultTimeout: 3000,
	defaultProgressBar: false,
	defaultProgressBarValue: 0,
	defaultType: "error",
	defaultPosition: "toast-bottom-left",
	defaultCloseOnHover: false,
	defaultStyle: { "background-color": "red" }

Doc # method

New Error Type Toast Message

this.$refs.toastr.e("this.$refs.toastr.e message", "Error");

New Success Type Toast Message

this.$refs.toastr.s("this.$refs.toastr.s message");

New Warning Type Toast Message

this.$refs.toastr.w("this.$refs.toastr.w message", "Warning");

New Information Type Toast Message

this.$refs.toastr.i("this.$refs.toastr.i message", "Information");

Remove Toast Messages by type.

this.$refs.toastr.removeByType("error"); // error, warning, success, info

Remove Toast Messages by Name.


New Toast Message with default options.

this.$refs.toastr.Add("Working on the default options");

New Toast Message with options.

    name: "UniqueToastName", // Toast Name now you can remove by name
    title: "Easy Toast", // Toast Title
    msg: "Hi", // Message
    clickClose: false, // Click Close Disable
    timeout: 0, // Remember defaultTimeout is 5 sec..
    progressBarValue: 0, // Manually update progress bar value later; null (not 0) is default
    position: "toast-top-full-width", // Toast Position.
    type: "error", // Toast type,
    preventDuplicates: true, //Default is false,
    style: { backgroundColor: 'blue',width:'150px' } // bind inline style to toast  (check [Vue doc]( for more examples)

Doc # Options

        name: "Name Of The Toast",
        title: "Toast Title",
        msg: "Toast Msg",
        position: Toast position string can be  'toast-top-right', 'toast-bottom-right', 'toast-bottom-left', 'toast-top-left', 'toast-top-full-width', 'toast-bottom-full-width', 'toast-top-center', 'toast-bottom-center' ; default toast-top-right
        type: Toast type can be : info,warning,error,success ; default success
        timeout: Toast Timeout for auto close can be integer ; default 5000
        progressbar: Progress Bar option need timeout or progressBarValue. can be boolean; default true
        progressBarValue: Initial value of the progress bar in percents (0..100), default null which does mean the progress bar is controlled by timeout; use this.$root.$refs.toastr.setProgress(aToast, newValue) later
        style: Inline style option should be an object with key: value structure. default { } (empty object)
        closeOnHover: On mouse over stop timeout can be boolean; default true
        clickClose: On click toast close can be boolean; default false
        onCreated: On created toast event can be function
        onClicked: On clicked toast event can be function
        onClosed: On closed toast event can be function
        onMouseOver: On mouse over toast event can be function
        onMouseOut: On mouse over toast event can be function


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Toastr for Vue.js no jquery dependencies


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