A Pornhub Pattern Logo Generator

A Pornhub Pattern Logo Generator

A Simple Logo Online Generator Website For People Who want to design Logo Easily.


Logoly —— A Pornhub Flavour Logo Generator

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A Simple Online Logo Generator for People Who Want to Design Logos Easily.



  • generate logo like Pornhub
  • download your own logo in PNG format
  • customize logo color
  • customize logo font size

How to Use

  1. open the Logoly website: https://logoly.pro/
  2. edit the text in the box
  3. change color & font size as you like
  4. click the Export button to download the image


  • share it on Facebook
  • customize fonts


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How to Contribute

For those who want to request new features or submit bug reports, click this link to open a new issue.

For those who want to play around with this project, read the Get Started section.

At the end of this section, I suggest you read the Contributing Guide.


  • Node.js

Get Started

  1. clone this project
  2. install dependencies with npm install at the project root directory
  3. start the development server with npm run serve
  4. make changes
  5. build with npm run build

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