Input Content Suggestion Plugin For Vue.js 2 – v-suggest

Input Content Suggestion Plugin For Vue.js 2 – v-suggest

v-suggest is a Vue2 plugin that attaches an auto-suggestion dropdown to input field while typing.



A Vue2 plugin for input content suggestions, support using keyboard to navigate and quick pick,
it make use experience like search engine input element

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npm i v-suggest --save

Include plugin in your main.js file

import Vue from 'vue';
import vSuggest from 'v-suggest';

Deploy on your component

    <v-suggest :data="example" show-field="name" v-model="myValue"></v-suggest>

export default {
        return {
            myValue: '',
            example: [
                {id:1 ,name:'Chicago Bulls',desc:'芝加哥公牛'},
                {id:2 ,name:'Cleveland Cavaliers',desc:'克里夫兰骑士'},

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